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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Dangers of The Sun

The Sun
As we bask in the warm fuzzy feeling of a post Murdoch world (if the politicians and police who sucked at his teat have their way), let us not forget the children!

Nanny, now that the school holidays are once again foisted upon the adult world, is more than a little concerned about the adverse effects that the Sun (the star not the paper owned by News Corp) may have on kids.

It should therefore come as no surprise to learn that the All party Parliamentary Group on Skin (FFS! don't our politicians have better things to do with their time? - one trusts that it has no connection with cosmetic companies that produce skin care products?) recently conducted a survey of some parents and found that (shock horror!) 40% of their sprogs had got some sunburn at some stage at school.

Big deal!

I regularly had sunburn when playing cricket at school too!

It happens.

Very sensibly our school also insisted that jackets still be worn when outside in the sun, dignity and dress sense should always come before personal comfort;)

Anyhoo, Richard Clifford of Skin Cancer UK says that this sunburn issue is "entirely unacceptable" (why?) and wants mandatory sun rules for schools.

Current guidelines are not compulsory.

It seems that some people want teachers to apply suncream to the you know what happens next don't you children?

Yes, that's right, the teachers (if they started liberally applying cream to little Johnny and Millie) would be done for child molestation!

The solution?

Obvious isn't it?

Never ever let the kids out in the sun!

That way the schools will never run the risk of being sued by some parent on the make for little Johnny's sunburn.

BTW, I am also gemused to read that in some parts of Britain rickets has made a return.

What causes rickets?

A shortage of vitamin D.

What's a good source of vitamin D?

The Sun!


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  1. Pedants' Corner

    "the Sun (the planet not the paper owned by News Corp)"

    If it were indeed the case that the Sun were a planet, there would be no problem with sunburned kids as not only would there be no UV, there would also be no kids as the Earth would be a pretty cold, virtually lifeless rock.

    The Sun (the big nuclear fusion reaction in space, not Merseyside's most hated rag) is in fact a star.

  2. Vit D comes from meat and the sun's rays.....In Nanny's world, children have little opportunity to have either.
    It amazes me that, so many of the diseases my generation thought we had got rid off, such as ricketts and TB are making a return.....Well done nanny; you have turned us into a third world nation and that takes some doing given that, you can't just un-invent modern things.

  3. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells2:17 PM

    Ken said:
    "one trusts that it has no connection with cosmetic companies that produce skin care products?"

    Unfortunately Ken, the makers of sunscreen are very much in on the act. Could I remind everybody that academic "studies" always come to the conclusion desired by the interests sponsoring them, otherwise the academic gravy train would rapidly hit the buffers.

    It may come as no surprise that the UV absorbant dyes in sunscreen are themselves carcinogenic. Worse still, when absorbed through the skin subsequent exposure to solar UV results in the production of free radicals, themselves known to contribute to cellular damage that can lead to cancer. Indeed, that silly Australian "slip, slop, slap" campaign saw a sharp increase in the most deadly skin cancer, malignant melanoma. You won't find that featuring in Big Pharma's marketing for its sunscreen products.

    A couple of weeks ago I heard some spokesgob for the anti-sun Gestapo on Rdio 4 News announcing that adults are ignoring what he considers good advice, it was essential to get the anti-sun message indoctrinated into kids as early as possible. He stated that schools could sow the seeds. To be honest I thought I'd gone back 40 years to my teens and was listening to a short-wave propaganda broadcast from some Iron Curtain state at the height of the Cold War.

  4. Lord of Atlantis3:11 PM

    If a teacher or anyone else were to apply sunscreen without the permission of either the child or his/her parent(s), would this not be assault? It is high time that some of these so-called 'experts' simply minded their own business! Whether or not children (or their parents) apply sunscreen or not is down to them. All this hysteria over sunburn (I too have often had sunburn, Ken, and was 61 this year) fails to take two things into account. Firstly, there is a whole lot of difference between the poweer of the rays of the sun we receive in this country, and what is normal for hot places such as the Mediterranean countries, Australia etc. Secondly, too little sun is just as bad for you --- I too have read that rickets is on the increase, due to a lack of vitamin D, partly no doubt due to the paranoia that the elf'n'safety industry have been feeding us for years.

  5. Mjolinir3:17 AM

    Sun danger?
    Answer - mandatory Niqabs for all.

  6. Anonymous5:38 AM

    To add to the comments regarding sunscreen, ricketts etc. it should be noted that Vitamin D is also acknowledged as having vital cancer fighting properties, something else no sunscreen manufacturers want to advertise and certainly not something the medical profession or Big Pharma publicize either.

    They haven't figured out how to sell sunlight yet so casting the source of light and warmth that sustains our planet as an evil boogeyman killer is the next best thing they can come up with.

    The Sun is bad for you - it gives you cancer! Spread carcinogenic toxins on your skin for fast absorption...we have your interests at heart, we care about you and your health. Really, we do, we do.