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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Murdoch Manoeuvre

As we all know, the last few weeks have been a veritable orgy of headlines and revelations about the murky goings on at the News of the World and other organs of the Murdoch empire.

Not one day goes past when the media and politicians aren't in our face telling us (with breathless excitement) about the latest "revelation".

Yesterday was no exception, with the "news" that Sara Payne may (or may not) have been targeted by the News of The World.

At this point may I raise my head above the parapet, and make a few observations?

1 Do people really think that these sort of shenanigans are solely the preserve of the Murdoch empire?

2 When people pick up a tabloid (or for that matter a "quality" paper) that spills the beans on some Z list celebrity and his/her "peccadilloes", how the hell do the readers think that the paper gets its information? Yonks ago Prince Charles had one of his calls to Camilla (about tampons etc) recorded and placed in the public domain (ermmm..wasn't that phone hacking?).

3 The level of shock and hysteria about the methodology of the Murdochs et al, is all very well. However, if we are all so shocked, why the hell do papers such as the late News of the World sell so many copies?

4 The politicians, police and journalists have been at this for years (feeding each other secrets and lies, in exchange for money or favours). Why now, suddenly, are they all so shocked and keen to address the problem?

5 Why are the media and politicians focussing solely on this trash, and filling up each day's news agenda with "Hackgate" stories?

There are many more serious issues facing us eg; the US debt ceiling fiasco, the imminent collapse of the Euro, Greek default, famine in Africa, the state of the economy, the future of the NHS, the Middle East and public sector etc etc.

Am I being cynical, or are Nanny and her chums using the Murdoch issue to divert us from the really important issues (the issues that Nanny knows she has contributed to, but doesn't want to be held to account for)?

The focus on Murdoch by the incestuous "family" of Nanny, the media and the police serves them well and can be described (as one might describe a tactical manoeuvre in war) as the "Murdoch Manoeuvre".

We are being very poorly served by Nanny, the media and the police.

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  1. Ken,

    I agree with your comments, personally I am sick to death of the wall to wall coverage.
    It seems to me that some media companies are using it as an excuse to put the boot into their main rivals.
    I doubt that our government will ever separate itself from the media; when the PM goes off on a jolly to foreign lands, the journos travel with him. Under the last government the same thing happened and some journos were excluded from the cozy club for being too hostile and anti the government. I would imagine that those journalist's editors would have been upset that their man was out of the loop and might have been inclined to hold back a little, just to get their man back into the cozy club.

    In recent years, we have seen our nation become governed by media with PMs and government ministers making annoucement regarding policy via the media rather than in parliament. This must be wrong.

    I think this hacking scandal is indeed a distraction tactic by the government because, as far as I can see, the story is only really of interest to those in the Westminster bubble and most people I speak to are very bored with it.

    They talk about NI being too big and that it should be broken up but, NI is smaller than the state broadcaster Al-Ja Beeba with its pro EUSSR, Pro Climate change and Pro lefty agenda which we are forced to fund, atleast with NI we have a choice whether to buy or not.

  2. Number 69:07 PM

    Ken, could not agree more with you the scum that are the media, 'da police' and the government are all the enemies of the people. Hate to use such a commie term but if the shit fits wear it as our US cousins say.