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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nanny Bans Sitting

My commiserations to Eric Carter (a 91 year old ex Spitfire pilot) who ran afoul of Nanny's health and safety rules the other day.

Mr carter was visiting the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery in Worcestershire, to view a Spitfire that was on show. Still being able bodied he asked if he could sit in it.

Sadly he was denied reliving an old memory.

For why?

The Museum deemed that it was health and safety risk for him to sit in it.

For why?

It seems that, for reasons best known to the museum/council et al, the interior had been painted with paint containing radium!

Errmm..if the paint poses such a health hazard, why did they use it in the first place (at some stage someone will have to enter the cockpit, even if it is just to maintain the interior)?

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  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    At 91 years old I would have thought that Mr Carter would be more than qualified to determine what constitutes a risk to his health.

    I wonder if the guy who was first asked to paint the interior of the cockpit has a claim for compensation.

  2. The basic message is; we're in charge, do as you're told!

    'elf'n'safety, child protection/safeguarding, climate change, national security, political correctness etc etc are coveralls that Nanny uses, whilst wearing Hi-Viz, to make you do as she tells you.
    If you question something Nanny says and she uses a coverall trump, she then goes onto the next stage of cultural marxism. Example; You question why you can't take photographs of your child's play; she then says so you want to put children at risk and you must be a paedophile.....This is how Nanny controls the people and just as a dog responds to a whistle when trained, Nanny wants people to respond to Hi-Viz and, so far, she is achieving her goal.

  3. This is a classic example of someone not knowing what they are talking about. It is quite probable that some of the instruments had luminous paint on the dials. Back in those days the luminous paint contained radium and there were instances of the instrument painters getting sick due to them licking the brushes to make a finer point for precise marking.
    I have been in the cockpits of older aircraft in museums and actually seen radiation warning stickers on every dial so painted.
    There is no way in hell that the entire cockpit interior has ever been painted with radium paint (which is banned nowadays).
    Yet another shining example of ignorance in authority.

  4. skydog2:32 PM

    ''My commiserations to Eric Carter (a 91 year old ex Spitfire pilot) who ran afoul of Nanny's health and safety rules the other day.''

    I rather think that sitting in a Spitfire was far more hazardous to Mr.Carter's health back in WW2 when he flew them. Can we mention the war or will it upset our Kr... erm... German friends? ;o)

  5. @Av8R - Many years ago I visited a nuclear power station, as part of an organised trip. Every member had to be checked in and out with a Geiger counter, which not surprisingly, registered nothing more than faint background radiation.

    To further prove the point, when we were all standing above the reactor core, the operator made another sweep with the counter. Once again nothing but the occasional "click". He the took an old watch from his pocket (one with a luminous dial), and held it up to the counter which promptly went crazy!

  6. lord of Atlantis11:22 AM

    The problem is not so much the radium (especially to a 91 year old!) but the kind of people in positions of power and authority in this country. Most appear to be jobsworths, without an ounce of compassion, whose greatest pleasure seems to be making life miserable for everyone else.