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Monday, January 09, 2012

Booze Matters - Politician Heal Thyself!

I am less than gemused to read that Nanny and our political "elite" are once more having a go at us about our drinking habits.

The House of Commons science and technology committee has got its knickers in a twist over our boozing habits, and wants us to take a couple of days off booze a week.

Fair enough, simply supplement the booze free days with another narcotic!

Additionally, the committee doesn't like the fact that studies have shown there to be a health benefit from drinking; as with any study that Nanny disagrees with, she looks for ways to ignore/discredit it.


"The committee found a lack of expert consensus over the health benefits of alcohol and is therefore sceptical about using the purported health benefits of alcohol as a basis for daily guidelines for the adult population, particularly as it is clear that any protective effects would only apply to men over 40 years and post-menopausal women, yet the guidelines apply to all adults."

Andrew Miller, chairman of the committee, said:

"It is vital that they are up to date and that people know how to use them. Unfortunately, public understanding of how to use the guidelines and what an alcohol unit looks like is poor, although improving.

While we urge the UK health departments to re-evaluate the guidelines more thoroughly, the evidence we received suggests that the guidelines should not be increased and that people should be advised to take at least two drink-free days a week."

Well here's the thing folks, our political "elite" are the last people on the planet who should be telling us how much we should eat, drink, smoke or snort.

Their snouts are in the taxpayer subsidised trough on a daily basis:

"The House of Commons catering subsidy has risen to £5.8M, and is equivalent to £8,978 per MP per annum. For every £10 an MP spent on lunch, we contributed £7.60. The year before, we contributed £6.90.

The taxpayer booze subsidy for MPs is 44%.

Where, in the real world, can you buy the following at the price that our political "elite" pay?

A glass of malt whisky, Cointreau liqueur or Grand Marnier costs £2.55. Glasses of 2009 Sauvignon Blanc or 2010 Merlot are £2.35.

Incidentally, MPs can pay for their meals and booze on interest free credit. Try going into your local pub and doing the same!

Hypocritical bastards or what?

Therefore when an MP suggest that we take a couple of days off from drinking, treat that request with the contempt that it deserves. Politicians should practice what they preach, and heal themselves first.

They should also pay market rates for the booze, food and fags that they consume at our expense!

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  1. Couldn't agree more Ken; another example of our elite saying, don't do as we do, do as we say.

    I've said it before on here; everything in moderation.

    I suspect most people have at least two days a week booze free and in many cases, even more than two.

    Just to update evryone......The State broadcaster has just ignored my email regarding spining the figures for drink driving in our area during December....No surprise there then!

  2. Archroy2:53 PM

    I thought two days not drinking was OK, but then I saw they meant every week!

  3. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Another example of how fucking useless politicians are.

    Do they really think that anyone who does enjoy a drink or two every day is going to take any notice of their advice?

    Do they really want to reduce revenue raised on the sale of alcohol by about 30%?

    Every time there is an election these bastards drone on about how they are going to help hospitals, schools and the police; yet as soon as they get into power it seems that their main objective is to waste enormous amounts of money by telling us what we should eat, drink and smoke.

    I would ask why they can’t just get on with running the country, but it seems obvious that if they tried (and at the moment they are not even trying), they would be fucking useless at that as well.

    If they really want people to cut back on their spending on alcohol they should simply advertise how much of the price of a pint, a bottle of wine and a tiny pub measure of spirit goes directly to the treasury.

  4. I think it's about time we made these hypocritical idiots follow their own rules.

    Don't like smoking? Stop all smoking in the Houses of Parliament then. Drinking is bad for you? No alcohol allowed for MP's and the bureaucrats, close the HOP bars (and that includes all those party conferences and junkets). Fatty food is unhealthy? Let's have MP's fined for extra large BMA's and nothing but lettuce and muesli in the HOP restaurant.

    Oh, and my personal favorite, no MP or bureaucrat can benefit from their insider knowledge and contacts when they leave office. I wonder how much legislation would suddenly have little support in the government when they don't get their 'cut' of a cushy, well rewarded position as a director/lecturer/advisor with the company/organization/country that just happened to benefit from the legislation.

    Dreaming I know, but alternative is gradually heading towards 'piano wire neckties' for the lot of them.

  5. Yep, if you can't drive pissed should you really be able to pass laws when hammered?

    And who really "doesn't understand" the current 28 units a week stuff? Most ignore it, many think it was pulled out of someone's arse, but the mathermatics is pretty simple really.

  6. Yep, if you can't drive pissed should you really be able to pass laws when hammered?

    And who really "doesn't understand" the current 28 units a week stuff? Most ignore it, many think it was pulled out of someone's arse, but the mathermatics is pretty simple really.