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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Joy Of Vegetables

I am gemused to see that Euro Nanny has chosen to lecture us about our fruit and vegetable eating habits.

Seemingly, if "scientific research" (carried out by the European Food Information Council - EUFIC) is to be believed, the average Brit does not eat enough vegetables. In fact Euro Nanny places us 14th in a league table of 19 vegetable eating EU nations.

Britons eat 258g  of fruit and vegetables a day, compared with a European average of 386g.

EUFIC then go on to bemoan the fact that we are placing ourselves at a greater risk of caner, diabetes and all the other modern plagues that Nanny likes to frighten us with.

So, should we be worried? not at all, for you see EUFIC then go on to admit that there are a few problems with the data that it used for its "research":

1 The definition of fruit and vegetables varies between countries, eg some nations do not include potatoes or fruit juice.

2 EUFIC used data from various governments to compile its report, therefore the data itself cannot be comparable or necessarily reliable.

In other words the "research" is bollocks.

Given the above caveat, why precisely did they bother to conduct the "research" and publish their "findings" in the first place?

Another fine example of Nanny using dodgy "research" to justify her prejudices and policies!

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  1. More money sloshing around inside the progressive Marxist state that is the EUSSR; more money wasted, more non jobs created and more research(sic) with a pre-decided result conducted to use as a stick to beat the dumbed down populus with.

    Everything in moderation and you won't go far wrong.

    1. Number 64:05 PM

      Yet another in one million reasons to tell the EUSSR to get stuffed by voting UKIP.

  2. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Complete bollocks and speculation.

    It may be possible to find out from the major supermarkets how much vegetables they sell, but this would be a massive undertaking and I can’t imagine that supermarkets would want to bother with the hassle.
    Even then, it was calculated a few months ago that a huge amount of produce is discarded by consumers once it is past its sell by date.

    And how the fuck does anyone find out how much produce is home grown or brought from farm shops and markets?

    I wonder how much funding was secured for this guesswork.

  3. I thought that there were 27 countries in the EU, does that mean that the other 8 don't eat vegetables at all. Surely it is those heathens that should be targetted.