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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Brighton's Incompetent Ker Farking Ching!

As loyal readers know, Nanny and her minions in her local councils love to find ways to charge the merry hell out of her "loyal" subjects/taxpayers.

The easiest method, favoured by councils, is that of parking charges.

Loyal readers with good memories (unsullied by drink and other substances) may well recall that in May I wrote of Brighton council's greedy plans to charge the hell out of visiting motorists along the seafront, by charging £20 per day for people parking along Madeira Drive.

Ker Farking Ching!

Anyhoo, all this greed is all very nice and dandy if the humble taxpayers actually pay the price and hand the money over.

However, there is a wee fly in Nanny's oinkment wrt charging people for parking in Brighton.

It seems that parking meters in Brighton and Hove do not accept new 5p and 10p coins, introduced at the beginning of 2012.

For why?

The council have not bothered telling the devices to take them.

To add to the parking fiasco, a mere 50 parking meters in Brighton accept card payments.

Well done lads!

Nanny's chums at the Treasury are unimpressed, an insider told The Argus (Brighton's local rag) that councils had been warned far in advance of the change and advised to re-calibrate their machines.

There is really no excuse.”
Brighton council are, of course, unrepentant:
Our parking machines do not accept the new 5p and 10p coins. 

We took this into account when setting the new tariffs we’ve brought in, with the result that all our tariffs can now be paid without having to use the new coins. 

We have put notices on all our machines asking people not to use the new coins, and we will be replacing the redundant coin slots as and when individual machines need servicing. 

We’re also looking to make things easier for residents by introducing more cashless payment options for parking, such as by card or by phone, over the next year or so.
My view is simple, if Nanny and her chums intend to screw us at least they should do it efficiently!

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1 comment:

  1. It does seem that the Greens want to destroy the local economy.
    Greens are really little more than old fashioned Communists but use the new false religion to help achieve their goals.

    Lastly, beware of the paying by phone option; this is little more than a data trawl.