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Friday, September 28, 2012

Nanny Bans Paint - On Health and Safety Grounds

I was gemused to read in my local rag that Nanny has banned people from carrying tins of paint on buses, as they appear to be a hazard.

Ken Adams (a civil servant in his 50's) recently attempted to board the 5B with a tin of white emulsion.

The driver told him he couldn’t come on, so he had to walk home two miles.

Following a complaint in writing, he received a refreshing email response from Brighton and Hove Bus and Coach Company:
"I am very sorry and you have my heartfelt apologies. They are not fun things to carry long distances and I hope you made it home safely. 

It is policy because tins of paint are usually heavy and if the bus braked suddenly then they can open quite easily and do damage to the bus. They also have a habit of popping open in direct sunlight.

I know this is another ridiculous sign-of-the-times health and safety policy and not all our drivers adhere to this
At least they admit that the health and safety policy is ridiculous!

Sounds like a whitewash to me! (HAHAHAHAHA).

Anyhoo, there is further irony.

Brighton and Hove Council is more than happy to accept paint at its two recycling centres.

So how can one get to these centres?

Oh that's easy, the council recommends that you go by bus!


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  1. A crazy story however, it may not be the fault of the bus company: I believe the carrying of paint is banned under the PSV regulations.

    Some times I do feel that some bus drivers, who do a thankless job, are often at war with their passengers. Some do appear to enjoy bossing others about using their percieved power. It is a kind of mentality that is usually reserved to hi-viz clad, local government employees. Perhaps bus driving is an alternative employment for those that would normally work for local Nanny, but can't get in.....I don't know.

  2. Anonymous12:16 PM

    If it is a policy that tins of paint should not be carried on buses and some drivers do not adhere to that policy, may I suggest that the ones that don’t follow that policy should be reported to the bus companies and disciplined.

    Normally I wouldn’t bother reporting anyone for anything if it involves trivial rules and regulations. But in the case of bus drivers, who are all complete bastards, I would make an exception.

  3. What's a bus?

  4. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells2:34 PM

    In the old days of solvent and oil-based paints the ban makes sense, but modern paints (and varnishes) are almost universally water-based so represent no fire hazard. I can understand the problem of spills from tins of paint but that could addressed by secure packaging - perhaps strong, tear-proof carrier bags?

    Note to Ken: Those damned Captchas are a serious problem especially to someone suffering cognitive defects after a stroke.

    1. Fair point D,TW but the advice to take old tins to the recycling facility could be tricky, as these would most likely be oil based paints/varnishes. I would also suggest that part empty tins will be more likely to pop open in hot environments, as there will be a greater proportion of vapour, compared to a full tin!

      And those Captchas are a problem even for those who haven't suffered a stroke - at least I don't think I have...

    2. sorry folks, if I remove the Captchas I get inundated with spam:(

  5. Anonymous6:18 PM

    These things are relative.

    Reminds me of one day sitting on a bus down Mexico way.

    The bus was fairly full but a few seats in front was a guy sitting by a window seat with a large plastic container plonked on the seat beside him. Nothing wrong with that except that the container was full of petrol.

    I think he'd been up north of the border to buy cheap petrol from the Gringos.

    The problem was that he seemed to have lost the screw cap for the container but reckoned he'd solve it by stuffing a large cloth into the hole (as one does).

    Whether being choked by the petrol fumes or by the side-stream smoke from all the smokers on the bus, I wasn't entirely sorry when the bus reached my stop.

  6. @Bill, a "bus" is a form of mass transit used by the penniless very young, very old, manic depressives, anti-social perverts, drug addicts and other sad losers.

  7. Has any of these idiots tried to open a tin of paint recently? It takes three hands and two screwdrivers and a lot of patience. The chances of the lid flying off on a bus are zero.