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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nanny Bans Baroness Thatcher

Sometimes Nanny's spinelessness knows no bounds, as she kowtows to her perceptions of what is and isn't "controversial".

Step forward CBS Outdoor (a purveyor of advertising space in the London Underground), which has decided to ban posters of Margaret Thatcher due to be shown at Westminster Tube station.

The posters, six portraits of the late prime minister (including a depiction of her as Queen Victoria), were due to run from this week. The portraits initially ran in an exhibition at Gallery Different in central London, which opened last Wednesday, the day of Baroness Thatcher's funeral. They included a pastiche of Peter Paul Ruben's The Assumption of the Virgin Mary with Baroness Thatcher's face replacing Mary's.

For why has CBS Outdoor banned them?

It claims that running them would break Transport for London (TfL) guidelines.

The BBC quote a CBS spokeswoman:
"If an advert has messages or images that relate to public controversy or sensitivity it will not be run."
TfL, trying to avoid controversy itself, claims that the decision to ban the posters is down solely to CBS.

The decision to ban the posters on the grounds of them being "controversial" is of course utter tosh, art is meant to be challenging and controversial; not every piece of "art" should be suitable for the lids of chocolate boxes!

Thatcher herself would have been perfectly happy with the characterisations, political satirists of the day were far more "cruel" with their characterisations of her when she was Prime Minister.

Put the posters up, and unleash the controversy!

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