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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Prats of The Week - Croydon Council

Loyal readers with good memories, that have not been addled by age, booze, drugs and lusche living, may recall that back in February I wrote about the plans by my old "chums" from Croydon Council to hire a private security firm to levy fines on those who drop litter:
"I am ungemused to read that Nanny's chums from the council my old hometown (and place of my birth) Croydon (today named as Wanking Capital of London) is redoubling its efforts to extort money from the hapless local residents, by employing Xfor a private security firm (made up of ex squaddies) who will act as "street enforcement officers" anbd impose £80 fines on anyone dropping litter etc.

Now here's the catch, Xfor are accountable to no one and receive £45 for every £80 fine imposed.

Can you see the incentive for them to whack the residents of Croydon with as many fines as possible?

It's known as the "corruption of punishment", whereby the state is incentivised to levy as many fines as possible in order to increase its revenue stream.News reaches Inside Croydon of what appears to be yet another epic fail by the leadership at Croydon Council."
As ever with all great plans of mice, men and Nanny something went tits up.

Inside Croydon reports that Xfor are in administration.


Not only that, but Xfor were in administration (owing HMRC a tidy sum) some weeks before the knobheads from Croydon Council actually appointed them!


Another fine example of a local council farking something up, yet walking away scot-free whilst the hapless taxpayers foot the bill!

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