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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, April 04, 2013

What A Wanker!

My eye was caught yesterday by an article in the Herald about a particularly daft and risky piece of "driving" undertaken by Dennis Bruce Godden in Australia a few days ago.

The Herald reports that Godden pleaded guilty to masturbating and reversing a car at the same time, so that he could keep pace with a young woman who was walking near one of Newcastle’s busiest beaches (Newcastle Australia, not Newcastle UK).

Godden had his right hand on the steering wheel and his left on his penis as he reversed his car along Memorial Drive, Bar Beach, in an effort to keep up with the victim.

Police found Godden, of Cecil Avenue, Waratah, near the appropriately named Nobbys Beach about an hour later and arrested him.

Officers noted that his shorts were rolled around the waist that indicated to them that he had hastily pulled them up.

A complete and utter wanker!

I assume there will be some amendments made to Nanny's Highway Code, in order to ensure such dangerous driving does not occur in the UK.

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  1. Tonk.5:08 PM

    I remember clunk click every trip, but I've never heard of clunk click, play with your dick before....I would imagine he'll get some stick from his friends and colleagues: shame:-)

  2. Thanks Ken - I've just added this to my Friday Funnies selection at Max Farquar