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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, September 08, 2014

Euro Nanny Browned Off Over Toast

Oh my giddy aunt, it seems that Euro Nanny is now flapping around like a cock in a hen house over the dangers of toast!

The European Food Safety Authority claims that toast should be eaten only when it is a light yellow colour, not brown.

For why?

It seems that brown or burnt toast contains acrylamide which, if taken by the bucket load, increases the chances of cancer.

Well whoopy do!

There are many foodstuffs and drinks that, if consumed by the bucket load, doubtless increase the chances of cancer. However, as with all things, eat and drink a variety of stuff and you will be as fine as you can be (ebola, ISil, politicians etc permitting!).

For good measure, Euro nanny is also up in arms over other forms of browned foods (eg roast spuds). Therefore, were we to follow her strictures, we may as well shoot ourselves; as all of life's pleasures will have been banned!

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