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Monday, September 01, 2014

Fatty Fatty Task Force

Oh dear, Nanny's chums in the medical profession are stressing themselves out again about how fat we have all become.

In an open letter to the chief medical officer for England, Prof Dame Sally Davies, the Royal College of General Practitioners and 11 other organisations say "an entire generation is being destroyed by a diet of junk food and sugary drinks".

They want an action group, made up of doctors, nurses, dieticians, dentists and schools, to be set up urgently. The want better co-ordination of obesity treatment services so that all children can be encouraged to eat healthily from a young age.

They also call for a raft of other measures, including:
  • increased support for the National Child Measurement Programme
  • improved investment in IT programmes for weight management
  • more training in malnutrition and obesity for GPs and other health professionals
  • outreach projects to educate families about the dangers of obesity
The letter's signatories recommend setting up a national Child Obesity Action Group to tackle the problem.

All of this would be all very well if it were not for the fact that we are already bombarded with information, advice and lectures from all manner of sources about how fat we are and how we should eat properly.

The reality is that some people really don't give a monkey's about their food intake and "lifestyle" (wrt exercise etc), short of enforcing exercise and rationing certain types of food Nanny is never going to change these people.

I have no doubt that some of Nanny's chums would love to directly intervene and enforce mandatory exercise and rationing (eg via "fat" taxes). The trouble is, the rest of us who are not obese and who are capable of leading a balanced lifestyle (wrt eating, drinking and exercise) will end up suffering from Nanny's interference.

In the not too distant future the global price of food staples (grains etc) will rise (due to an increase in demand from Asia Pacific and other developing areas). Thus the obesity issue in the West will be taken care of by the laws of supply and demand, as people will be forced to eat more healthily and cook more for themselves in order to make ends meet. Nanny doesn't need to distort the market, nature will take its own course and resolve the issue.

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  1. Ken - did you have to use a picture of Barlow & Lynch? I don't need reminding how old I am!

  2. Anonymous4:36 PM

    An action group will cost money, so here are the reasons (for free) that Britain is a nation of fat bastards.

    Parking restrictions imposed by greedy councils mean that consumers find it impractical to use traditional local shops for fresh produce. It is more convenient to buy processed crap from the superstores.

    The last two generations have no idea how to cook ingredients from scratch.

    Cookery lessons in almost all schools were phased out many years ago. They have to rely on processed crap from superstores.

    There are no organized sports in the modern non-competitive schools. No exercise means fat kids.

    School playgrounds are sterile boring places for kids. They are not allowed to run as they may fall and hurt themselves. So groups of kids sit, huddled around, playing with their mobile phones.

    There are few after school clubs to keep kids fit and active. Well-meaning adults that used to organize these places cannot be bothered with the rigmarole of the criminal record checks that are now a requirement.

  3. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Why diet? Have you seen the sheer quantity of food that manual labourers ate in the thirties. Father had a saucepan full to himself - and needed it.

  4. Anonymous7:24 PM

    I swear to you that this fattening of the world acts like an epidemic infection....nothing these people suggest even approaches repairing that. It'll be a long time before we fix it.