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Friday, November 07, 2014

Lewes Bonfire Ignites Prats

Every Bonfire Night, since the original Gunpowder Plot itself, Lewes has held a lively and well attended series of bonfires in which effigies of well known personalities of the day are paraded through the streets by the various bonfire societies and are then burned.

This year, two of the effigies were of Alex Salmond.

Cue protests from a number of prats who felt that it was "naughty" to mock him.

Guess what Happened next?

Yes, that's right, the police have launched an investigation and the effigies were withdrawn from the public burning.
A Sussex Police statement as per the BBC said:
"We are aware of the portrayal of Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond as an effigy at the 2014 Lewes Bonfire event and acknowledge that concerns have been raised.

Whilst we accept there is a long tradition of creating effigies of high-profile individuals in politics, sport, the media, etc, a complaint has nevertheless been received and will be investigated."
It is of course "ironic" that certain individuals have complained about this, given that in the past effigies of Clegg, Cameron, Thatcher, Merkel and the Pope have been burned.

Where were these complainers then?

Despite Salmond's effigies not being burned, two of Putin were (and that seems to have pissed off some Russians) and he has a lot more power and is better known that Salmond!

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  1. Lord of Atlantis12:02 PM

    How pathetic! Haven't these political correctness fascists heard of satyr? They should have been around in the days of "Spitting Image", a programme I remember well, as I'm sure you do, Ken! I'm not sure what appalls me most about this, that someone has complained, or that the police are wasting their time and resources taking it seriously. I can only assume that Lewes is a have of law and order, with no real crime which needs investigating.

    1. Tonk.7:36 PM

      My Lord,
      You are indeed correct......It never ceases to amaze me that a "PC PC" will act on a single complaint, whilst at the same time ignore the thousands of people who have not complained and therefore, aren't really that bothered by it.

      The country has gone mad and we have lost our green space, our national identity, our way of life and our sense of humour......I feel sorry for my grandchildren when I think about the future they're likely to have, as we sink further and further into the EUSSR and it's PC/play nicely children agenda aided by our progressive Marxist politicians and the state's broadcaster.