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Monday, November 03, 2014

Nanny Hates Fags - Norwegian Nanny's Health Rage

Kudos to Dr. Per Fugelli, a professor at the University of Oslo's medical school, who is fed up with how Norwegian Nanny is harassing smokers, and has said that it's time to stop harassing them. 

Dr Fugelli thinks restrictions on smoking have gone too far, and has warned against portraying smokers as an “underclass”.

Fugelli, commenting on fresh proposals to extend smoking bans in restaurants and railway stations to city streets and public parks, warned against depicting smokers as inferior people and against "health rage".

He is quoted by News in
If an allergic person is bothered by smoke whole waiting for the tram, it’s possible to move away.

I get a bad taste in my mouth from the successful managers of the Health Directorate (Helsedirektoratet) and other influential groups. They’re the elite, harassing the lower class.

We should treat them decently and with respect, and not expect that a perfect lifestyle is within reach for all.”
Sadly Dr Fugelli will now doubtless be on the receiving end of an avalanche of vitriol spewing forth from the anti smoking fascists.

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  1. There are some real smoker hating knuckle draggers in the comments under that article :-)