Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Drink Matters - Nanny is Ignored

I am gemused to learn that Nanny has become somewhat dispirited that we are ignoring her anti booze propaganda (wrt daily limits of alcohol intake). Apparently, Nanny has conducted some "research" (ie asked a bloke in a pub) about why we are ignoring her and is shocked at the results.

Here are the reasons we ignore her:

1 Her daily limits are based on zero scientific research, and are made up.

2 The daily limits are set at the lowest possible amount, and are based on one size fits all.

3 Politicians enjoy drinking way beyond Nanny's daily limits, courtesy of taxpayer subsidised drinking dens in the Palace of Westminster.

No surprises there then!

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  1. Nanny doesn't want people to enjoy themselves.....Our role now is to work and pay taxes to feed her ever increasing hunger for more and more money to waste.

    The main reason I tend to ignore Nanny is because she talks rubbish and what may be bad today, may well be good tomorrow......Everything in moderation is my philosophy.
    During my life time, butter has been good for you and bad for you, eggs too have been good for you and bad for you......I always used to go to work on an egg at one time! Red wine is good for you or, is it bad for you this week? Nanny doesn't have a clue most of the time and all too often, the law of unintended consequenses kicks in when she does give advice....Think of healthy fruit juices for kids as per Nanny's advice and look at the increased incidents of tooth decay caused by the acid in the fruits....Trunk out Nanny and leave people to live their own lives and make their own decisions; we've always managed OK in the past after all!

  2. Lord of Atlantis11:46 AM

    It is high time that the bars at Westminster had their taxpayer subsidies removed., although I won't be holding my breath! Subsidies should be used to strengthen public services for the many, not pleasures for a wealthy few! Isn't it a tad hypocritical for them to be lecturing others on cutting down on alcohol consumption, under the present circumstances? They should practice what they preach!