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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Burger Off!

I am gemused to see that the Hungry Horse pub chain, that runs the Rose & Crown in Bexhill-On-Sea, has launched a new burger that comes in at a stonking 1966 calories.

The Double Donut Burger (I thought doughnut was spelt thusly?) consists of two beef burgers, melted cheese, four smoked streaky bacon rashers and BBQ sauce served in two grilled, glazed ring doughnuts.

Quite why anyone would want to eat such an abomination is beyond me, but this is a free country (allegedly).

Anyhoo, cue the outrage of Mel Wakeman, senior lecturer in applied physiology at Birmingham City University, who feels it's an absolute disgrace that such a burger be sold.

He is quoted by The Argus:
"Hungry Horse obviously have no conscience and no doubt both their wallet and the size of their customers will be getting fatter by the week. 

To me, this is simply ludicrous and irresponsible. I am no killjoy but why is this sort of food available? This burger is literally a heart attack on a plate. 

Why can’t they include on the menu what the customer would need to do to burn all those calories off? In the case of this Double Donut Burger, around three hours of continuous running should just about do it. I wonder how many people would still opt for the item knowing this.” 
Well, as noted, I wouldn't eat it. However, unless I have misunderstood the catering arrangement at the Rose & Crown, no one is being forced to eat it.

I would also note that one burger (even a 1966 calorie burger) does not make a heart attack (unless you are already very unfit or the burger lodges in your throat). You would have to eat a few of these before you pegged put.

Nevertheless, Mr Wakeman has fallen into the Mary Whitehouse trap of those who are "outraged" over something by giving the product and pub some excellent free publicity.

Well done!

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  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    It sounds like the Double Donut Burger is for wimps and homosexuals.

    I have fond memories of the ‘Gut Buster’ that was an attraction of my local burger restaurant.

    It was 16 ounces of beef, along with everything else you could ever put in a burger. Cheese, bacon, onions, mushrooms, egg and pineapple, to name just a few of the delicious ingredients.

    I have no idea of the number of calories there were in a Gut Buster, and I don’t fucking care. It’s not like I had one every day of my life; but when I did it was so big that you could not eat it like a conventional burger, it had to be spread out onto a few plates……..with a separate plate for the chips, of course.


  2. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells3:37 PM

    I'd try one but it'd have to be my main meal, leaving just 600 cals for drinks and snacks. As for the claimed risk of heart attacks, dietary cholesterol contributes very a small amount of blood lipids, high levels of blood lipids are down to the action of the liver. My diet includes two eggs a day, and several Big Macs when out for the day - my cholesterol level last time it was checked (6 months ago): 3.8, well below the limit.