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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nanny's Chip Inspector

The other day Nanny's chums from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) stated that crispy roast potatoes and browned toast (starchy foods that are roasted/toasted form acrylamide) cause cancer.

All very well and tedious, except for the fact that there is no proof that there is a link to cancer.

Anyhoo, undeterred by lack of scientific evidence and a general drubbing by all and sundry that the advice is bollocks, Nanny is now gearing up to enforce a "no burn" rule in pubs, cafes and restaurants.

The Telegraph reports that under a new European Union food hygiene directive, due to be adopted in the UK by the the end of 2017 (ermm aren't we leaving?), pubs and restaurants will be told to take reasonable steps to reduce acrylamide in food or face enforcement measures.

It means those eateries continuing to serve "high acrylamide" foods, such as brown roast potatoes or burned Yorkshire puddings, could be visited by the Food Standards Agency's enforcement officers and face hefty fines.Restaurants will be offered a guide full of tips on how to reduce acrylamide in food which will also be used by the FSA's enforcement team to gauge whether levels are unacceptably high.

The guide will include colour charts designed to be kept in kitchens to show chefs which shades of yellow and brown are safe for cooked chips and potatoes to match.

It will also advise chefs to buy types of potatoes which are low in starch and blanch chips and potatoes before frying or roasting, and cooking them at a lower heat and for less time.

Were this 1 April I would have assumed that this was a joke, but it isn't!!

Well I don't know about anyone else, but if I want dark brown tatties etc in a restaurant I will order and eat them, and if I don't I won't. I don't need Nanny stepping in to help me order food when eating out!

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1 comment:

  1. microdave11:52 AM

    And will those colour charts be subject to fading over the course of time?