Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, October 03, 2005

The Dangers of Sweets

The Dangers of SweetsNanny does seem to have a bit of a thing at the moment about sweets and diet.

Not only does she consider sweets to be bad for the health, but she now has decreed that they are also weapons of mass destruction.

Well dangerous weapons anyway.

Think I am kidding?

Nanny held her big debate on Iraq last week.

However, it was interrupted by a furious woman from Unison storming onto the podium complaining about being banned from bringing sweets into the conference.


"I want to know why I have been stopped from bringing a bag of sweeties into the conference. It is bureaucracy gone mad!"

It seems that Nanny was worried that they could be used as missiles.

I also undertsand that an elderly lady had a bag of Mint Imperials confiscated, for fear that she might create mayhem by rolling them along the floor.



  1. And if that's the way the Party Leadership feels about some of its biggest supporters...

    ..they must surely be terrified of meeting an ordinary voter!

  2. Pete Roberts8:43 PM

    If I was going to chuck any missiles at the podium, I'd more likely use fresh dogturds. Mind you, the intended targets might feel at home with their own kind..........!

  3. But haven't you noticed that the Party Leaders are very careful not to meet ordinary voters? At the last election Blair and co kept well away from people who might ask questions ans all the photo calss were caefully managed with the "public" being party workers and employees from No 10

  4. railwayman, surely you're not suggesting that Blair's election tactics are modelled on those of Sadam Hussein's of a few short years ago, are you.

    Surely not, but then again.... hmmm