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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, October 28, 2005

Plonkers of The Week

Plonkers of The WeekThe Plonker of the Week award goes, collectively, to the Co-Op in Odd Down Bath.

As we all know, Guy Fawke's night is soon to be upon us; Nanny hates people using fireworks of their own accord, as literally millions of British citizens are killed by them each year.

Anyhoo, Nanny each year tries to make the purchase of fireworks by individuals more difficult.

This year she was given a some extra special help by the Co-Op in Odd Down, who refused to sell some sparklers to Susan Field; as she couldn't prove that she was over 18.

Now you may say that this is fair enough, after all fireworks in the hands of tearaways should be banned.

However, there is one small fly in Nanny's ointment.

Susan Field is a grandmother of 50.

Doubtless she looks young and vivacious, but it is highly unlikely that she would be mistaken for being under 18.

Susan was told by the plonkers in the Co-Op that she needed a passport to purchase fireworks.

The staff would not accept Ms Field's bank card as proof of her identification, and she was unable to buy the £1.50 sparklers.

A fine example of how unthinking, and mentally numb, we are all becoming under Nanny's relentless onslaught against our personal liberties.

By the way, in case your wondering, the Co-Op eventually had to back track and apologise to Ms Field for being plonkers.

Rather late in the day though I would say.


  1. . . .Susan Field is a grandmother of 50. . .

    Heh, "O most insatiate and luxurious woman!"

  2. Having worked for the co-op I have seen its PC mind at work. My guess is that staff were required to ask everyone their age so as not to dicriminate against old people who look young, or young people who look old etc etc.