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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Nanny Bans Freedom of Speech

Nanny Bans Freedom of SpeechIt's been a busy week for Nanny, as she had to put on her annual Nuremberg Rally; this time held in Brighton.

As ever with these events, Nanny becomes particularly testy when people try to disrupt the rallies by speaking "off message" and by trying to express their own views.

Nanny was very annoyed that one individual had the temerity to interupt her dear old friend Jack Straw, whilst he was making his speech about the logic of the Iraq war.

Nanny was so cross that she had the man forcibly removed from the conference hall.

His crime?

He shouted out the word "rubbish" during Straw's speech.

There was of course a double irony for Nanny:

1 The forcible removal was shown on national television

2 The delegate, Walter Wolfgang, is an 82 year old Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany. He came to Britain to escape strong arm bullying by dictators.

The incident, needless to say, made national headlines. This really pissed Nanny off so much, that her best chum the viper of spin Alastair Campbell wrote angrily in the Grauniad as follows:

"Was it really so newsworthy as to virtually wipe out coverage of debates on health and education, the tone of which was mature and challenging?"

Funny how Nanny gets worried about the "real issues", only when the spin goes against her.

Anyhoo, Nanny's problems with the media coverage did not end there.

She has managed to get herself into a row with Channel 4, after a team from its current affairs show Dispatches was banned from the conference.

Nanny has been formerly accused of control freakery by the broadcaster's head of news and current affairs, Dorothy Byrne.

Ms Byrne has sent a strongly worded letter to Jo Murray, Labour's chief press and broadcasting officer, after the Dispatches crew was refused entrance to Nanny's rally.

The team had initially been given permission to attend Monday's speech by Gordon "Smiler" Brown. However, when the crew arrived at the conference centre on Monday, it was informed that all Channel 4 documentary makers were banned.

It seems that Nanny not only banned Channel 4, but all other current affairs and documentary crews from the event.

I think Mr Wolfgang may have to consider moving again, Nanny has banned freedom of speech and freedom of reporting.


  1. Stalin and the KGB would have been very proud of the way that Nanny tries to keep everyone under control. However it can only continue for a time before the inhabitants of the Gulags revolt.
    Roll on that day.

  2. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Oh dear, someone else in disagreement with the spin sent out by Blair and his cronies to justify an invasion of a foreign country.
    No doubt Nanny's chum Lord Butler will be called on again to examine 82 year old Walter in an attempt to whitewash this, and continue the lies and deception!!

  3. Brian5:04 PM

    It's interesting to see communist scumbags like this despicable individual whining about the fredom of speech they'd be the first to deny anyone else. That doesn't, however, detract from the odiousness of the despicable New Labour scumbags and control freaks.

  4. Equally telling are the news reports that several hundred people were stopped and/or detained under anti-terrorist laws during the conference. Their crimes ? Such things as wearing anti Blair/Bush T-shirts or daring to protest against the policies of the current mob in parliament. Hardly the stuff of Al-Qaeda. Indeed, Stalin would be proud at the way things are going in this supposed democracy.