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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tuck Off! Part II

Tuck Off! Part IIYesterday I noted, see "Tuck Off", that Nanny's ban on traditional tuck food fayre would mean that schools would have to start inspecting lunch boxes.

Well guess what?

Some already do!

Wharrier Street Primary school, in Newcastle, has already instituted this policy. Dinner ladies at the school, acting "under orders", are confiscating "banned" products from pupils' lunch boxes.

Bernadette Doherty, the headmistress, says in an Orwellian fashion:

"This is for the benefit of the children"

Now some of the crafty scamps will of course try to get their daily sugar and fat fix from outwith school premises.

Nanny is trying desperately to stop that, and is using all the laws at her disposal to prevent her rules being disobeyed.

At Thomas Tallis secondary school a fast-food van regularly turns up outside of the gates, and teachers have to watch as children go out and buy chips at lunchtime.

Nanny tried to stop this by invoking her environmental laws and health and safety rules, but to quote a spokesman for Nanny:

"Unfortunately he (the fast food man) was complying with everything and there was nothing we could do."

That statement raises all sorts of concerns about Nanny's approach.

Don't you think it is rather scary that Nanny will bend and twist laws, designed for an unrelated purpose, to try to get her own way?

Nanny doesn't get it does she?

People won't change unless they want to change.


  1. But Nanny's problem is mainly that people do not want to change whereas Nanny wants them to change. The purpose of the change is immaterial, to change is all.

    So she seeks ways to make people change.

    "The beatings will continue until morale improves."

    Same sort of concept.


  2. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Oh Lord, this crap has been going on as long as I have been alive. Find some unrelated law to impose your bidding.
    I spoke with a woman who is a bureaucrat federally in education. Her point of view is that they know better than you on what is best. Joe Average should not be charged with making their own choices. After all she is smarter and better equiped to make those decisions for you.
    See she's right considering my grammar.

  3. The correct answer to the chip van problem is to capitulate. Why? What will the Head Master say about the kitchen/catering income deficit (sales down, spoilage up) to OFSTED inspectors? That's when they'll get their spanking.

  4. Surely it is a breach of some law or other for the school to confiscate what the childen take for their dinners. Anyway they have pockets don't they and how about a dead rat in one box one day.
    I'm sure that if in happened in my day we would have found a way to kick it into touch.
    The governmnet will not be satisfied until we are all in Chairman Mao tunics clutching Tony's Red Book