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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bin Brother

Bin Brother
Nanny's striving for us to all recycle our waste knows no bounds. Nanny is even having a go at her chums in local councils.

Councillor Peter Geiringer, deputy leader of Sutton's Conservative group, has been stripped of his post after admitting a heinous crime.

What was that then?

Child abuse?


Drug dealing?




He admitted that he does not recycle, because he is too busy due to all of the committee meetings he has to attend.

Needless to say, Nanny's chums in the Conservative Party were having none of this. Conservative group leader Eleanor Pinfold removed him from his position. He will continue to be a councillor for the Belmont ward.

Coun Pinfold said:

"Peter has accepted he made a mistake on this

and that recycling is a major issue in this borough.

He is an excellent local councillor

and has served the community well

for the last 26 years

and will continue to serve his residents

in Belmont Ward with the same dedication as he has always done

Twenty six years of service "thrown away" (sad joke there folks)...sorry, but am I the only one who finds his removal from office to be a bit extreme?

After all, he could have just been asked to apologise etc?

Given that some of Nanny's leading ministers have done a few things that are far worse than that, I would have thought some commonsense from the Tories would have been in order here.

Unfortunately, in Nanny's Britain, commonsense and compassion have been eroded.

Councillor Geiringer also made the mistake of admitting he had done something wrong...we never take responsibility for our actions these days, let alone admit our failings.


  1. The Long Knives are out!!

  2. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Wow! Is recycling actually a law that was broken or did he just offend PC sensibilities? It a slippery slope when a person can be fired for how he or she conducts his personal life.

  3. Lord of Atlantis1:45 PM

    I am very much for the practice of recycling: I recycle what I am able to myself and would recycle more if Rugby Borough Council provided the facilities to do so, bearing in mind that I do not drive. However, I am utterly disgusted at the way this councillor has been treated. As you rightly point out, Ken, some of our 'wonderful' government ministers have done far worse and received no punishment whatever, and commonsense and compssion are very much lacking in Nanny's 'brave new world'!

  4. bagpuss8:25 PM

    What an inhuman monster! Never before in the annals of human perfidy has such a vile and heinous crime come to light! Human depravity has plumbed new depths! I am not just shocked, but traumatized. At a stroke this wretch, this beast, has undone my entire faith in human nature!

    Hanging's too good for him. He should be made to recycle himself, beginning by eating his toes (no ketchup allowed), then his feet and legs, then his fingers and thumbs and hands and arms, until all that's left is a bloody head which can be mounted on the weathervane at Sutton Town Hall as a warning to the others!

  5. Simon The Horrible2:54 AM

    Ever notice that once nanny has whipped the masses into compliant submission they start to eat each other?

    Every revoloution seems to degenerate into an orgy of self destruction.

    Good stuff! Keep it up.