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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nanny Bans Egg Sarnies

Egg Sarnie
I understand, from a highly reliable source (who may, if he wishes, reveal his identity), that a certain well known London Hospital has banned egg sarnies in their cafe.

For why?

Farking 'elf and safety!

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  1. 'Elf'n'Safety has nothing to do with health nor, safety....It is all about controlling the population.

  2. Nick in Texas1:50 PM

    Who was it that said:

    When the government shoves a boot down your throat, it doesn't matter whether it's a left boot or a right boot, it's still a boot down your throat!

  3. Salmonella, cholesterol, bird flu, slip hazard if you dribble a soft yoke or have they discovered some other lethal effect?

  4. Anonymous8:10 PM

    I'd rather live in the old USSR than in this country right now.

    The UK has lost the plot altogether....

  5. The delightful ladies who make scrumptious fresh sandwiches every day for the outpatients' cafeteria were most apologetic that they could no longer supply one of my favourite egg mayonnaise numbers.

    Recently, as an overnight inpatient at another hospital, I discovered that there was a standing instruction that all eggs served had to have hard yolks!

    The trouble with Elf 'n Safety is that it's run by a lot of stinking bad eggs.

  6. I blame Doctor Who - or at least the script writers.

    Some poor impressionable young person years ago probably misheard the Daleks and subsequently retained the powerful message "Eggs terminate".

    Now, thinking to themselves that they have 'grown up' and likely being in possession of various pieces of paper that confirm they have been through an education process, he or she has attained a position of power and responsibility and can now, at last, act to save the population from a fate worse than sulphur dioxide poisoning.

    I await the day that someone wakes up to the injury statistics of sports people and, inter alia, bans football and rugby. After all, our own dear Prime Minister is a victim of the rigours of sport so it is somewhat surprising that he has not acted already.

    Now that could make for a very interesting spectator sport. How can I sell Setanta the TV rights?


  7. Eggs ARE dangerous. After all, they terminated Edwina Currie's ministerial career [before she went on to become John Major's mistress].

  8. Lord of Atlantis3:19 PM

    Eggs are NOT dangerous, nor are egg sarnies: Nanny and her minions are the ones who are dangerous!

  9. The perfect Egg Sarnie:
    One soft white bread bun,slice along the equator ,butter the lower half,melt a chunk of the same butter in frying pan,crack eggshell with two sharp blows from blunt knife blade at 90 degrees to the longitudinal axis,carefully ease two half apart, about a inch,rotate egg 180 degrees about the longitudinal axis open shell up and drop contents into hot butter from a height of about two inches.Fry off untill the white has solidified,one prefers the edges to be slightly burned and crisped,lift pan from stove and carry to worktop where the base buttered bun is ready to recieve egg,when walking toward said bun flip eggover in pan for three seconds only to create a cooked surface of the egg yolk which should still be soft.Plonk egg on buttered bun base,take bun top,burst yolk with knife and spread around the unbuttered top of bun,liberal sprinkle salt on both halfs pepper to taste place top half of bun on bottom half of bun,by this time kettle should have boiled in time to make the perfect accompanement to the perfect egg sarnie.Its very yummy.

  10. losing your touch ken! Why has it been banned? What sort of health and safety issue does it cause! More details!