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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Dangers of Grass

The Dangers of GrassOh dear another TORY council making prats of themselves!

I thought that the Tory party was anti Nanny?

Brian Hubbard of Hereford has found to his costs that Tories can be as thick headed as "Nu Labour" when to comes to imposing petty rules and regulations.

His crime?

He has been cutting the council grass verge outside the front of his home.

Why is this such a crime?

Herefordshire's parks, countryside and leisure development service accuse him of 'encroaching' on its property.

Funny, I thought that as taxpayers we owned council "property"?

The council ordered Mr Hubbard to return the land "to its original state within 28 days", or the work will be carried out by contractors and charged to him.

Why are they so upset?

It seems that Mr H has been making such a good job of it, that it puts the rest of the council's verges to the council grass cutters are being made to look useless. The council claim that people might "not want to walk over it", as it is too tidy.


What a bunch of lying, slimy tosspots!

They just don't like being shown up, and are afraid that people will resent paying council tax for half arsed work.


That ship already sailed!

Now that this absurdity has received publicity the local council has apologised for the contents of the letter, and said it had now been retracted. The council will review its 'approach' over this matter, but it had not yet been decided if Mr Hubbard could continue maintaining the verge.


Tell Cameron what you think of his party.

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  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Nu Labour, Blue Labour....No real difference....There does seem to be a common purpose within British politics.

    What's the betting they will stop the gentleman from maintaining the verge on the grounds of 'Elf'n'Safety? (No proper risk assessment)....After all, I remember recent similar cases where this coverall was used. Or perhaps they will use their other current favourite saying, he's not insured.

    David Cameron, in my opinion, is no more Conservative, than John Prescott is the Queen of Sheeba!!

  2. ROFLOL!!!

    Rolling on floor laughing out loud?

  3. Anonymous4:16 PM

    We should try out the American system where senior council officials are elected: transport commissioner, education commissioner, parks commissioner, etc.

    In all these cases of barmy local councils it is usually the unelected 'officers' wha are making the decisions, then dragging councillors along behind them with threats - like Tonk says - of elfin-safety fines and ludicrous insurance claims, all backed up by the Local Government 'Standards' Committee which suspends councillors who stand up against the bureaucratic officer establishment.

    These decisions are made by smug, unsackable Guardian-reading nitwits whose single aim is to boost their egos and salaries with ever-expanding 'directorates'.

    I worked for the buggers for forty years in different councils, and it doesn't matter if the councils are Labour, Conservative, Lib-Dem; the 'officers' run the joint, and I doubt if it would be any different if the BNP got control of a borough!

    Tumbrils for the lot of them!

  4. Anonymous11:12 PM

    "The council ordered Mr Hubbard to return the land "to its original state within 28 days", or the work will be carried out by contractors and charged to him."

    What's he supposed to do - stick back down all the grass that he cut or, perhaps, import some overgrown, weed-infested grass from another uncut council verge??

    With everyone strapped for cash, you'd think they'd send him a bottle of whisky as a thank you for going beyond his civic duty and helping to enhance his community and 'pour encourager les autres'. It just shows how controlling Nanny and her minions have become when they're prepared to punish someone who is helping them to meet their objectives because his action falls outside the scope of their petty regulations.

    PS hope that you're happily settled in Brighton now, Ken.


  5. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Nice comment on this farce of the Conservativehome website, reinforcing my point:

    "Who is running the Council? The councillors or the Council Officers? Why is the officer who sent this absurd letter still drawing a salary at the Council Taxpayers expense? Why hasn't Mr Hubbard been sent a medal? To paraphrase Neil Kinnock: It starts with councillors not wishing to micro manage, deferring to the professionalism of officers, wishing to loyally defend council officers in public. Then it ends in the chaos, the grotesque chaos, of a Conservative Council, a Conservative Council, writing letters to pensioners denouncing them for weeding their gardens."

  6. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Of course that should be "...farce ON the Conservativehome website."

  7. Anonymous6:40 PM

    I am certain
    that there is not ONE thing that the private sector can't do better than the gov't.