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Friday, October 24, 2008

Nanny Bans Vacuum Cleaning

Nanny Bans Vacuum Cleaning
Nanny has surpassed herself on this one, mark my words.

You will all have doubtless in your lives used a vacuum cleaner at some stage, for cleaning or pleasure?

No doubt you felt that the activity was entirely safe, and risk free?


Not for Karl Walker!

He was told by Apollo Cleaning, for which he works, that at the tender age of 16 he is not old enough to use hot water, washing up liquid, furniture polish, empty bins or to use cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners.

The firm claims that it is following government guidelines by insisting on safety clearance.

I should note that at 16 people in the UK can bonk, join up and play the lottery.

Karl is unimpressed:

"I just don't understand what is going on. How can I be too young to use a vacuum cleaner? It is so stupid.

I want to earn a living

Nanny doesn't want people to earn a living, as that would make them responsible for their own lives. Nanny wants people to rely on her to support them, thus she will have control over them for the rest of their lives.

Paul Lundy, boss of London-based Apollo Cleaning, said:

"When an employee is only 16 we have to be very careful with the tasks we set them as their bodies are not yet fully formed.

But I am sure once the proper checks have been completed there will be no problem in re-employing these young people


How "fully formed" (a rather odd phrase to use, given the tasks Karl was meant to perform) do you need to be to wash dishes?


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  1. Tonk.1:25 PM

    Ah but Ken, one good thing may come out of this!!
    If the government's guidelines regarding 'Elf'n'Safety will not allow a sixteen year old to use cleaning materials or machines, surely, for their own protection of course, the state should not house the sixteen year old single baby producing machines....After all, it would not be safe would it?....Oppps silly me, I expect Nanny will give these baby producing kids an adult state approved cleaner for their flat....Ah well, perhaps nothing good will come out of it after all:-))

    Have a good weekend!!

  2. Grant1:49 PM

    So that's which came first - H&S deciding that 16 year old kids were too young (or stupid?) to work or the extension of the minimum age limit for leaving alleged official education? (I suppose reducing the unemployment figures is not a dis-benefit to the plan either?)

    Nanny will stop kids from playing 'dangeroous' sports next ... oh, er, well, she's pretty much done that already I suppose.

    One simply despairs.

  3. I was doing some most interesting and enjoyable things with vacuum cleaners when I was 16. Nothing to do with 'blow jobs', of course!