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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Booze Matters - Jobseeking Test

Booze Matters - Jobseeking Test
It seems that Nanny is extending her war against drink by taking on new powers, via her welfare reform bill, to impose alcohol tests on those who apply for a jobseeker's allowance.

In the event a state official does not believe what the jobseeker tells them about their drinking habits, the official will be able to order an alcohol test.

Quite why Nanny deems that it is her business to know about people's drinking habits, is open to question. So long as the drinking does not interfere with the work, or the ability to seek work, then it is nothing to do with the state or indeed potential employer what a person drinks.

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  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Alcohol testing first, what next?....Fat testing, Perhaps this was the reason Nanny mooted putting an officer from Job Center Plus in every doctor's surgury.

    I wonder if the alcohol test will be a blood test, I expect it will, as that is the one they use for testing some drunk drivers before returning their license following a ban......Will Nanny use some of that blood to gain information for one of her new databases?....I wouldn't put it past her.

    Just because I may sound a bit paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not after me!!

  2. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Ken said:

    "Quite why Nanny deems that it is her business to know about people's drinking habits"

    I suspect Nanny is making sure that the pittance that is the dole (or whatever they call it nowadays) isn't going to be pissed up the wall in the local pub.

    It's not unknown for Nanny's benefit inspectors to swoop on pubs checking up on claimants who dare to spend Nanny's pennies on the odd pint.

  3. Anonymous12:07 PM

    When I lived in Sarf London, most of the dosers on the dole spent Nanny's otherwise known as your and my money on the booze and the waccy baccy.

    Want to drink and smoke as much as you like - get a farcking job and then do so!

  4. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I agree with Nanny. Unemployed people shouldn't use money that is deducted from the wages of those who work to get pissed. They should get jobs so they can pay to get pissed using their own money.

  5. Anonymous12:19 PM

    In the sunny little coastal town where I live our local 'job centre plus' regularly has a line of disadvantaged yoof outside. Many are slugging from a nice cold can of Stella and yakking into their nice new mobile phones about future plans for the day - snippet caught as I strolled by en route to yet another meeting with the bank manager for my ailing business, "See yer down the boozer later gotta sign on now.."

    Much as I could have done with several pints myself I could not afford it, so why should I pay for lazy bastards to cop the dole then spend it down the boozer.

    Hate nanny, but if you tie yourself to her apron strings I am afraid the old cow has some rights to check up on you and what you do with her (OUR) money.

  6. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Whilst I agree that the "dossers" that see the welfare state as a way of life, leave a nasty taste in the mouth, I wonder what the alternative would be......Are you advocating a voucher system rather than cash payment so that the vouchers can only be exchanged for approved items such as food?.....Whilst there is some attraction to such a scheme, it will just give Nanny even more power and control over the people......I have never been on the dole in my life however, it was a comfort to know that, should things go bad a safety net was in place......Is there a condition in the dole agreement that stipulates what a receiver of the dole can spend their money on?

  7. Anonymous1:01 PM


    From what I rememberfrom my time in the USA the voucher welfare system seemed to work (not on myself but saw people cashing in slips for bread, milk, meat etc) Nanny already controls the dossers as no money from nanny means no booze no fags, no free flat etc, so yes give them vouchers for the essentials and if they want more than that, try (gasp, shock horror) getting a job!

  8. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Number 6.

    Mmmmm....Sounds like a good idea, sadly though; I see one flaw, those people that receive food vouchers may sell say ten pounds worth for eight pounds in cash.....That would mean it being tied to an identity card for example and surely, those of us that blog on here are opposed to any increase in Nanny's powers or interference......I agree that there are some on welfare that do take the heavenly bliss but, in todays economic climate, decent hard working people may find themselves on hand outs and I do not agree with the notion of punishing decent people because of a few bad eggs.....Perhaps the voucher system could kick in after a period of time; say six months or a year on the dole......I would suspect most decent people that wanted to find work, would do so after that kind of time period.....What says you?

  9. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Good god people. When did we start to debate the merits of time limits for inclusion/exclusion form Nanny's largesse?

    Brainwashed or what?

    I'm sure nanny actually prefers her supportees to spend their hand outs on booze and fags rather than what she might tell us she considers to be 'wholesome' foods.

    Two reasons.

    Firstly Nanny has absolutely no desire whatsoever to extend life expectancy. Several reasons for that but they matter not - basically it is a bad fiscal concept to keep people alive.

    More notably if the handouts are spent on fags and booze (or even petrol for job seeking) Nanny gets her deposit back far more rapidly than she would if the same dosh was spent on, say, food.

    Of course to hide this money churn she will claim that a number of things not directly related to cash flow are 'unhealthy'.

    She is, as ever, withholding elements of the truth.


  10. Anonymous11:31 AM

    At the end of the day its up to the "dossers", as some call them, to spend their money on what they want, if they want to live on cold baked beans and cheap beer what buisness is it of anyone elses?

    Yes it's our tax but i feel this is yet another of the governments "thin edge of the wedge" tricks.

    So everyone is well happy that the unemployed are drink tested cos they are all "dossers" living on our tax, what next then once that's sorted out? Fat testing as tonk mentioned? only allowed to buy low fat foods? forced haircuts to conform to the norm?, sorry no benefit for you, you havent shaved today. Dress advice? you can only sign on in a suit? TV may discourage job hunting so that will be confiscated along with the play station of course. Socialising with other dossers? not anymore you need employed friends to help you get back on the wheel.

    This is the oldest trick in the book, find an easy victim, use them to bring in a law, that law is then applied to the rest of us.

    What is to stop your employer breathalising you every day before work? suddenly that half bottle of claret you drank in front of the TV last night, bites back. booze is booze, matters not if its special brew or a 1961 Petrus, and if we allow them to dictate what one man drinks, they will dictate to all of us in the end.

  11. Exactly alyzvh!

    Smokers, fat eaters etc will all be targeted...some of the readers of this site smoke, eat fat etc and one day may become unemployed (through no fault of their own).

  12. Anonymous5:17 PM

    In case people may get the wrong impression from my previous postings; I am completely opposed to any further erosion of our privacy, freedom and I am opposed to further interference in our lives by Nanny.

    As distasteful as it may be to many of us for "dossers" to be sitting in the pub or in the park, drinking all day, using money they have been handed by the state from our taxes, it is a dangerous route to take. We have seen laws brought in for one thing used in other ways....All in the name of anti terror.

    I feel that people should be able to spend their handout on anything they wish to, as long as it is legal to do so.....That begs another question; How much longer will it be legal to use alcohol, smoke fags or eat chips and burgers?....I notice that Nanny is using emotional blackmail to get parents to pack up smoking.....I'm not afraid of spiders.....etc etc...I am afraid my mummy will die.

  13. Anonymous9:23 PM


    It becomes our business when it is our money they are spending, or do you think Nanny magics this cash out of thin air!

    Dossers, to my frame of reference, refers to those who can work and choose not to. Been unemployed myself a few times and could not wait to get back into work quick enough to avoid the humilation of having to 'sign on' as it was called then.

    The dole is there to provide a safety net to get people back to work, not to sit around getting pissed on other people's money.

    As to other 'means testing' of course Nanny's desire to control knows no ends, but I still believe that if you choose to live on Nanny's (re our) money as a dosser (sorry if that term offends your delicate sensibilty) you will have to obey Nanny's nasty little rules. If this is not to your liking, you could always get a job.

  14. Anonymous8:45 AM

    But, Number 6, given this recession there might well be people who will lose their jobs, be desperate to find another - but find themselves unable to because they're over 40! Bad enough to find yourself in that situation but to have nanny then, in effect, control you entirely would surely be intolerable?

    When will people realise that you can't cherry-pick liberty?