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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Dangers of Pole Dancing

Pole DancingI am mortified, here I am a relatively new resident of Brighton (keen to experience all - well maybe not all - the joys that this fair seaside town can offer) and I learn to my horror that Brighton and Hove City Council have banned "Pole Dancing Passion" sessions from the King Alfred leisure centre, because it is "not appropriate".

In a letter, the council's acting head of sports and leisure Ian Shurrock wrote:

"The nature of this activity is such that it is not appropriate for the classes to be held in one of the council's sports facilities".

Where am I meant to pole dance now then?

Oh, hang on a minute, I think I have found some other places!

The council, despite banning the lessons at the leisure centre, have of course granted licences for six fully nude lap-dancing clubs; Grace, the Pussycat Club, Rouge, Top Totty, the Honeyclub and For Your Eyes Only.


I'll get my thong!

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  1. Ahhhh Ken, mixed messages from Nanny then?

    Wasn't Nanny Johnson, only within the last couple of weeks, banging on about his "Get the people fit by dancing action committee?"

    It seems Nanny needs to make her mind up.....Are we going to dance ourselves fit or not?....I would imagine that Pole Dancing also helps tone up the upper body with all that swinging on poles and hanging upside down.....Well so I've been told because, as a good Catholic guy I would not frequent such places.

  2. "I'll get my thong!"

    Dear Ken,

    As the saying goes, you might want to keep your day job. But enjoy nevertheless!

  3. Grant2:02 PM

    Spokespersonthing said:

    "The nature of this activity is such that it is not appropriate for the classes to be held in one of the council's sports facilities".

    Sounds far enough to me. So which council facilities, other than sports, would it be appropriate to use?

    Maybe the council chamber to encourage attendance? (Pun sort of intended.)

  4. I guess it's impolitic to ask the more proper question of whether "council facilities" (i.e., "public" facilities paid for by money coerced out of the taxpayers' bank accounts, whether or not they have any desire to finance or even use such facilities) should even exist at all, for any purpose.

  5. Grant6:22 PM


    Seems a perfectly acceptable question.

    One has to remember that these things are constructed to provide local notables with something to which their names can be attached in order to give then a short period of posterity.

    In a few cases this, the name attachment, is probably valid and reasonable. In most it its not.

    The 'facilities are provided not for the benefit of the people as such, rather to give the 'powers' some hold over the populace and a focal point that can be used to promote their personal agendas or egos. Or both.

    Absent such an edifice or four they would be struggling to get any exposure in the media - despite clear evidence that the media will take any press release, no matter how mundane, on trust.

  6. Anonymous6:51 PM

    I see nanny is now banning kissing in trainstations, maybe scared it will lead to pole dancing?

  7. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells7:10 PM

    Anonymous said:
    "I see nanny is now banning kissing in train stations"

    Should you mean Warrington Bank Quay, Virgin Trains have admitted they are basically taking the piss....!

  8. Can't see you in a thong Ken, far too dignified :)

  9. kenneth williams (deceased))2:29 PM

    I understand that Nu Labor are looking into getting us all to do the cha cha cha via dance clubs (surely communal morning exercises would be more to their liking)in their ongoing efforts to make us fat bastards loose weight. Obviously Mr Prescott will be donning his spangly tights at the first opportunity. I look forward with relish to dancing cheek to cheek with Lord Mandleson at some stage - purely to lose weight you understand.

  10. No wonder they are all fucking back off to Poland if we're not even letting them dance over here.