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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, February 06, 2009

Size Matters

Size MattersIn this age when we are bombarded with adverts to enhance our busts, penises (or is it penii?), butts etc how refreshing to see that Nanny has taken the contrarian perspective!

Nanny's Health Secretary, Alan Johnson, will order forms such as Mars, Coca-Cola, Britvic and Nestlé to produce smaller versions of their products.

The rationale being that we are far too stupid and greedy to be able to buy a large versions of these products, and not eat/drink them in one go.

Johnson says:

"People want to eat more healthily.

I challenge the industry to come up with healthier snacks. That's not just good for the nation's health, it's also good for business

Errmmm...what is to stop people eating healthy stuff now?

We live in a market economy, where all manner of products from around the world are "freely" available (eg fruit, nuts, meat, fish, coke etc).

People can buy these products and do with them whatever they wish, to assist their weight loss (if that is what their objective is).

Needless to say, Nanny is threatening legislation if her "suggestions" for smaller products go unheeded.

We each of us go to the devil in our own way, let us at least enjoy our journey. Nanny should stop wasting time and resources in trying to divert us from our inevitable and final destination.

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  1. So typical of Nanny Johnson.....If people are used to eating a "Fat Gut" size Mars bar, or anything else for that matter, they will just buy two smaller ones, unless of course Nanny Johnson intends to only allow shops to sell one at a time as they do with paracetamol for example....Doh Silly me, I've just given Nanny a new policy idea.....I remember reading on John Redwoods blog a very funny piece about a future "License to buy chips" but sadly, with Nanny's new war on fatties, it may well come in!! Perhaps Nanny may also put Large Fat Gut size Marrs bars under the counter as she intends to do with Cancer Sticks.

    Last night I watched Question Time on the state broadcaster's channel number one, it saddened me to see how PC Theresa May has become and I wonder if those put into the shadow cabinet are forced to attend a PC conversion course.....It seems to me that whether the future is red, yellow or blue, the future looks very bleak.

  2. microdave12:33 PM

    And if they buy 2 smaller size items, instead of a single larger one, it will mean even more waste packaging.....


  3. Hmm. Bit of a bugger, this idea. You see, Nanny's already downsized our brains, our capacity for independent thought and our sense of personal responsibility - so surely it's only natural that everything else should be downsized too?

    I mean, fair's fair, Parliament is taking the lead here. We already have six hundred and odd role models running around with the new-fangled tiny, tiny, little heads and tiny, tiny, little penises (penii) and the tiny, tiny, little personalities - and they seem to be doing alright for themselves...

  4. Grant2:03 PM

    Too many years ago just after I started at senior school I vividly remember a skit in the Xmas 'Review' entertainment which started off as a dig at getting a 'chit' to be absent from class for medical reasons and rapidly developed into the needs for 'chits' to be allowed to breathe.

    Well done and very humorous, it touched a collective nerve.

    Obviously it was completely absurd.

    Until now.

    Perhaps Nanny wished to issue licences to eat? A bit like rationing then?

    And Nanny's 'experts' would like to see flying rationed? (MMaybe he could have kept quiet and watch the economic changes fulfilling his dream for him?)

    It seems that rationality is already severely rationed.

    And then if Porrit and his ilk get their way will be need a licence to procreate as a prelude to a licence to breathe?

  5. They'll be rationing them next, like paracetamol. You can only buy one a time!

  6. on the run4:41 AM

    Nice to see the great and the good ignoring scientific evidence.

    Research last year showed that folks eat less crisps when given big bags than when given the same ammount in a number of small bags.

    The reasearch was published in the journal of consumer research and new scientist

    But i guess like the scientific comunitie's reaseach on cannabis grading the government really does know better than a bunch of crazy haired boffins.

  7. Smaller versions....Same price...Same Old story.

  8. mick jagger5:33 PM

    Go large on the Mars Bars it worked for Marianne Faithful arf arf!

  9. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Do you all have shiite for brains over there in the place formerly known as Great Britain?

    Who keeps electing these ass-clowns?

  10. I am really beginning to wonder what world these people live in. I mean, they are totally unaware of the fact that there are millions of people out here in the real world wondering what the feck they are on about. Do they know how silly they sound? There are already snack size bars of choc, packets of crisps and cans of drink!!

  11. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Mr Frost !

    A colleague has just walked past my desk as I was reading your esteemed blog....... and the picture of the dick-enlarging device was on my screen...

  12. Speenzman5:15 PM

    For what it's worth not one hour ago I ate a whole Mars Duo as a direct response to reading this (I've used a lot of excuses to buy chocolate in the past but I've never bought chocolate as a political protest before!) I ate it all in one go and it was very nice indeed. I should mention that I haven't eaten a Mars Duo in a very long time, I exercise in the local gym regularly and I do not suddenly feel compelled to eat three of them a day for the rest of my life. And yes I did appreciate living in a country where we are allowed to buy a large bar of chocolate whenever we like, maybe I won't be able to say that for much longer though.


  13. Size doesn't matter in Canada, tho'. It's the cost that forces our sheeple into eating unhealthy.

    Canadian food prices swindle and the cry to have our Nanny State stick their runny noses into it.
    Mind you, Canada already has 1/2 size cans of Pepsi and Coca-Cola, mini 100 calorie choco bars, and crisps in tiny bags. And all thru "market demand". hmmmm...