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Friday, June 18, 2010

Prats of The Week - Southampton City Council

Prats of The WeekTis the end of the week, and I have not yet awarded my prestigious and internationally renowned "Prats of The Week" Award.

Therefore, without further delay, I am pleased to award it this week to Southampton City Council for their daft warning notice erected (can I say "erected"?) at the Southampton Common pool.

The notice warns parents not to let children play in the paddling pool if the temperature drops below 20C, because it could be 'dangerous'.

Ermmm, excuse me, this is England; the chances are the temperature is invariably below 20C.

The sign then goes on to warn that if the temperature drops below 15C, the outdoor pool will be closed.

Southampton City council, well deserving Prats of The Week.

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  1. It amazes me that any councils still have open air pools....I used to love going to lidos when I was a lad but, they have all but vanished over the last few decades or so.
    The local authorities used the excuse of expense to close them down, although I suspect had they not, they would use one of the coveralls of 'elf'n'safety or child protection to close them down now....It seems councils in general, would now rather spend their money on lavish civic receptions for their members and staff or "fact finding jollies, oppps I mean trips" to foreign lands again, for their members and staff, rather than on something that may have given pleasure to the local population.
    Perhaps now that Nanny at all levels is promoting the new false religion of climate change as being fact, we should use that as a stick to beat Nanny into giving us back our outside pools because, after all, if the country will get warmer, then the lidos will be able to be more finacially viable due to an increase in season length, then again, perhaps the new religion is, as many of us suspect, just a way for Nanny to gain even more control over our lives and rake in more cash....Kerching.

    On an unrelated topic, but an important one, Nanny is talking about reducing the legal limit for driving after a drink from 80ml per 100ml of blood to 50ml per 100ml of blood and she moots that this will save countless lives. It will also bring us into line with the rest of the EUSSR.
    My question to Nanny; How many people have been killed by the fault of drivers with between 50ml and 80ml of alcohol per 100ml of blood? I suspect nil and that all those killed by drunk drivers, were killed by those with over 80ml in their blood and thus ignored the current law and that type of person would just ignore the new limit too.
    Btw, just to declare a non-interest....I don't drive and seldom drink more than a pint in a session, due to a medical condition; I merely fear that Nanny is determined to kill off our pub trade so that we are just drones that work and pay tax.

  2. I wonder if Southampton City Council has employed a high visibility jacket wearing, clip board carrying official to enforce these regulations.

    He would also have had to attend a course to be trained in the use of a thermometer.

    I can just imagine the pleasure he would get from his job on days when the temperature is hovering around the 15 degree mark.

    Children in Northern Europe must be in danger all year round!

    The drink driving laws are ridiculous wherever you go. In some Northern European Countries for instance, a pilot would be over the legal drink drive limit on his way to the airport in a car, but allowed to fly a fully laden passenger jet as he is under the drink fly limit.

    The proposed new laws would reduce the legal limit to about what it is here in Spain, but the difference is the interpretation of those laws. The UK police would, no doubt, have ‘zero tolerance’ and the courts would ban anyone caught for at least a year. Here, if you are unlucky enough to get caught, as long as you are not absolutely pissed and dangerous, and as long as you showed some respect and remorse, the police would probably give you a lecture, perhaps even a slap, and then bid you a friendly Vete a la mierda (Fuck off).

  3. If only they would elaborate on exactly how it was dangerous! Only they realise how silly it would sound..

  4. microdave3:53 PM

    Is Southampton "Twinned" with any Scandanavian countries? That would make for some interesting comments during an exchange visit....

  5. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells9:13 PM

    I wonder what Southampton City Council's Temperature Police would make of this:

    A bit colder than 15C

  6. Brought back a happy memory of the 1950's/60's. A big open air swimming pool on the sea front in Weston super Mare. A massive affair with a 15' deep end for the high diving boards. The most exciting thing was being the first to dive in to the UNHEATED water. Did the circulation the world of good.

  7. Lord of Atlantis2:30 PM

    A very well-deserved award! If people want to swim in temperatures below 15 degrees, or their children are happy paddling in water below 20, why the hell shouldn't they? The choice should be theirs, and theirs alone, not made for them by some council jobsworth! When I was at school, some of my friends regularly swam in the school's pool in temperatures varying from 10 - 15 degrees, and enjoyed it too! Moreover, I have friends who regularly swim in open water throughout the year, even at such times when the temperature is 5 degrees or less: the only reason I don't do so myself (without a wetsuit) is that I'm too much of a wuss! However, any decision to do or not to do this should be down to the individual.
    Timbone: I'd suggest the activity you describe was a lot healthier than swimming in a 30 degrees heated pool in an atmosphere laden with chlorine!