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Friday, February 18, 2011

Bin Brother - Too Many Bins

Oh dear, aside from some council residents being drowned in a sea of uncollected rubbish there are those who also appear to be drowning in a tidal wave of council bins.

The Taxpayers' Alliance has done a survey that shows certain councils are pushing their recycling mantra to extremes.

Seemingly the average council now expects residents to sort their household waste into four bins, bags and caddies.

However, Newcastle-under-Lyme wins the prize for taking the recycling mantra to the extreme by insisting that is hapless citizens sort their waste between nine containers!

Newcastle-under-Lyme uses separate bins for refuse, cardboard, plastics, paper, glass and cans, textiles and garden waste. It also hands out two food waste caddie, one for putting food scraps in for the kitchen and another for kerbside collection.

Farking hell, what a spectacular waste of time and resources!

Twenty other local authorities (including Chelmsford, Aberdeenshire, Guildford and Middlesbrough) give residents seven or more containers.

This is a remarkable con trick being perpetrated on the council taxpayers of Britain. As has been reported by the BBC, certain councils have been happily passing on this "recycled" waste to companies which then dump it in landfills in India.

On a side note, re alleged "global warming", there is in fact a simple one off solution to this "threat" to the planet.

Paint every roof of every house on the planet white.

The reflection of the sun's rays will reduce the alleged rise in global temperature by a statistically meaningful amount.

Problem solved!

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  1. Not only do we pay far too much for little service in relation to refuse services but now, not only does Nanny want us to pay more, but she wants us to fanny around sorting it for her and she wants us to make our homes look like municiple refuse centers.

    In my heart of hearts, I am sure this whole idea of "bin laws" and "bin crime" is all about power and control. Keep the population frightened, make the law confusing and hey ho, the population are easier to control and will sleepwalk into a more draconian, authoritarian regime, without many of them realising it before it is too late for them to do anything about it.

    What the green zealots can't get through their collective thick heads, is that the refuse collection system we had for many decades in this country, was weekly for a very good reason; it relates to the lifecycle of flies. The flies lay eggs and they turn to maggots and then turn into flies over a minimum period of eight days, this was the reason waste was collected weekly. Many areas are infested with flies, not to mention rats, because the waste lays around for too long. It has also attracted more foxes into our towns.

    I am all in favour of sensible recycling because it makes sense however, I do not support all the crazy rules and regulations and control freakery that Nanny wants to bring in on it's back.
    Nanny is there to provide services not to manage the population or to fight a war against them.

    Just laugh at hi-viz.

  2. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells12:48 PM

    Rather than painting house roofs white the amount of council taxpayers' money on these silly schemes would probably pay for every house to have photo-voltaic cells installed on its roof. Would save more carbon emissions than fanny about with waste then shipping it off to India for burying.

    It only makes sense to recycle plastics, paper, glass and cans all of which can be turned into something useful. Our council collects all the above in one wheelie bin, emptied fortnightly (rubbish is still collected weekly). Food scraps, kitchen waste and other organic material are far better composted in the garden.

    I do wish council jobsworths coming up with these crackpot schemes actually did some research including critical-path analysis to find out when "green" initiatives become unproductive and pointlessly expensive.

  3. Mjolinir3:37 PM

    ///[Neighbours] said they saw bin men during the last three Fridays walk up the drive, shake the bin, decide it was too heavy to pull to the street and refuse to empty it.
    The green wheelie bin was left next to Wallner's house and not placed on the pavement which the local Elmbridge Council insists is done on delivery days.
    Under the authority's health and safety guidelines, refuse staff are told not to drag bins from homes if they are regarded as too heavy.//

    (The reason the bin wasn't put out on the right day, was that the tenant had moved out)

    To be fair, the he was also at fault for putting in the 'wrong sort' of material -

  4. @ Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells - Solar PV panels need to be facing the sun to be of any use (and in our gloomy country even that is marginal). This means South facing, which doesn't help large numbers of homeowners. Furthermore most production is now in China, where they don't give a stuff about the pollution caused in their manufacture.

  5. Anonymous7:24 PM

    San Francisco, California, USA has 4 bins in use. Blue is for paper, cardboard, plastic and glass. The stinky smelly green is for everyone's kitchen slop bucket disposal. Orange is for batteries and the remaining illegal incandescent lightbulbs. Regular is for anything else.

    Paints must be hauled to special collection centers at designated hardware stores. Oils must be hauled to special collection centers at designated petrol stations. Electronics must be hauled to government facilities exclusively set up to receive electronics.

    Collection trucks are sent out three times weekly, one for blue, one for green and one for regular.

    Air pollution from lorry fleets is 3x from that of a single collection day as is 3x the cost for fuel, lorry maintenance and unionized government employee pay and benefits.

    Failure to sort correctly can result in a $1,000 fine, refusal to pick up trash and a scarlet red sticker applied to the offender's front door.

    Kitchen slop from the peasant class' green bin is sent up to wealthy Marin County to provide free fertilizer for the grape vineyards owned by multi-millionaire Nancy Pelosi who is local representative to the US Congress and rules the local Democratic-Socialist Party with an iron fist.

    Taxes increase, demands on public obeyance to state mandates increase, penalties are handed out for disobedience and peasants unwittingly and willingly support the one and only ruling party while everyone remains none the wiser.

    That is how it works on the west coast of the US, soon nationwide if the social experiment proves successful, which so far it has, since of course, none are the wiser.

    Apparently that will be the goal everywhere, worldwide, soon and everyone will be subject to criminal charges if anyone makes a mistake.

  6. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells9:17 PM

    Microdave said:

    "Solar PV panels need to be facing the sun to be of any use (and in our gloomy country even that is marginal). This means South facing, which doesn't help large numbers of homeowners."

    No. it's thermal solar collectors that need to be south pointing. Photovoltaic cells will give the most output under full insolation but will still give a useful output even during cloudy conditions. Trust me - I've been in electronics engineering for some 40 years. Not IT - I mean the heavy end: power control.

    I agree over pollution during manufacture but once made PV cells have a very long life so will save more pollution than they cost.

  7. @ Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells - Sorry, but I have to disagree regarding PV panels. I have had 2 of them to keep a battery charged at an out building I use. The first packed up after 3 years when the seals failed and water got in. The second is, at least, still functioning after 4 years.

    However I installed a digital meter to monitor the output, and neither of them ever gave their claimed figures, even when brand new and facing directly into the sun in July.

    Further more the output drops dramatically in poorer weather - an over cast day will see as little as 10%.

    I know newer multi layer panels are more efficient (figures of 40% improvement are often quoted), but 40% of bugger all is still bugger all... They also need regular cleaning, and a well aimed bird crap will knock out one cell, and the associated series string!

    Basically they are useless in typical Northern hemisphere winters, as any solar powered garden light will demonstrate.

  8. Superb vid and I'm gonna steal it.

    I'm still waiting for a letter from my council to say they will be delivering a biodegrading bucket that will be emptied only when the contents have degraded to manure, ie once every 4 months.

    Frankly, since I pay so much Council Tax and get so little in return if they want it sorted they should collect the lot, like they used to, and pay some dole scroungers to sort it for them.

  9. Anonymous3:32 PM

    They've missed out the most important bin of all - the one for all nanny state council workers/officers - get rid of 'em