Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Nanny's Crime Map

I am hugely gemused wrt Nanny's brand new, and much hyped, crime map of the UK.

Within hours of it going online it crashed.

For good measure, when I tested it myself and entered my postcode, it happily told me that there was no police authority in my area!

I find that rather odd, given that I live within 5 minutes walk of the main police station in Brighton.

Nanny appears to be incapable of implementing IT systems without there being some form of significant cock up!

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  1. I wonder if the insurance industry will use this information in much the same way they do the "flood" information from the enviroment agency. If one lives in a nice, low crime area but you have a bad area next to your area, because of the way the information is grouped, it is possible that the information could be distorted to justify putting insurance premiums up even more.
    People that live in an area, tend to know whether there is a crime problem or not and they tend to know where, within an area, there is a likelyhood of being mugged for example, or where a nice parked car might be damaged by yobs. I do wonder what the point of this information actually is; my cynical side suspects it is a commercial venture by the police authorities to provide a resourse to insurers.....A nice little earner all round; kerching!!

  2. The map is a PR lie. I've reported 4 crimes to the police in the last 5 years including theft of a vehicle, theft from a vehicle and assault. None of these appear.

    2 people have been murdered within 4 houses of us. No murders or violent crime shows up.

    The whole thing is a lie.