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Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Olympics Lager

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  1. I have made a conscious decision not to do business with any business that sponsors the 2012 games.

    For the life of me, I cannot work out how a bank that is owned by the UK taxpayer because it had problems with financial management and was broke, can spend millions on sponsoring the games. Is there any truth in this argument; we are funding the games through taxation, we are funding a bank that sponsors the games, is this not just a clever stealth tax?

  2. Lord of Atlantis3:16 PM

    What gets me, Tonk, is that despite the economic mess we are in, the banks are still paying obscene bonuses, whilst refusing to lend money to small businesses. Indeed, one bank has cut the funding it gives to charities and other good causes, and increased it's bonus pot. Our illustrious prime minister stated, "We are all in this together!" Like hell, we are!

  3. Tonk.3:53 PM

    My Lord;

    I can see your point but I personally don't object to bankers having bonuses for a job well done however, I do not think that any of the state owned banks are in a position to pay bonuses as, to my mind, bonuses come out of long term profits generated and clearly, with the vast majority of the money paid by the taxpayer still un-returned, they clearly are not in profit.
    I honestly believe the bankers have been demonised by the media and politicians as a smokescreen for their own wrong doings. Our economy is far too reliant on the financial services sector and so we must be a little careful not to drive these institutions out with draconian taxation or continued banker bashing rhetoric because, if they go our economy dies.

    As far as I can see, the bankers have a real juxta position to deal with; on the one hand, Nanny has told them to hold more liquid reserves and then, on the other hand to lend more and more cash. I truly believe that banks will lend to good businesses but are a little more careful than they used to be and that, in my opinion, is a good thing; we don't want another crash do we?

    I personally don't like the modern idea of having to give to charity or the shouts from the media that this money or that money should be given to charity; charity is a personal choice. If I banked with a bank that decided to donate a number of staff working days to charity to be really helpful, I would cease to bank with them.....I don't want a helpful bank; I want a bank that looks after my cash carefully, gives me a good return and punishes those that act in a cavalier way with their financies if they too bank at that bank.

    I have read reports this week that a former top politician that has become a bank bencher, who has seldom appeared in the House of Commons since stepping down and is pursuing outside causes close to his heart is donating his salary to charity and therefore it's OK....I don't want my tax money donated to charity, I want it used for the purpose it was taken off me for. If the person concerned doesn't want to do the job he's paid to do, he should step down and let someone else do it. Imagine if you or I went into work tomorrow and told our boss that we weren't coming in because we were working some where else for a few days but we wanted him to continue to pay us but donate that salary to charity, I am sure I know what the answer would be.

    Let's end the bank bashing now and concentrate on the real reasons the economy is shot; bad economic policies by incompetent governments.