Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, February 11, 2011

The ASBone

My sympathies to Bodhi, a four-year-old Lakeland Terrier, who resides in my home town of Brighton.

Bodhi has fallen foul of the rules imposed by Nanny's chums on our local council, and may be given an ASBO.

Bodhi's crime?

Bodhi likes to use a skateboard when out and about with companion (is it pc to say "owner"?) Jonathan Fell.

Sadly, because when Bodhi uses the skateboard with no lead is attached, the council deem that Bodhi is "out of control".

The council claim that their actions are for the safety of the general public, and has arisen because of a complaint made by one member of the public.

Bodhi is still allowed to skateboard in local parks.

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  1. Ken, I love your blogs.
    Great attitude, great style, even though politically we are probably poles apart.
    However, sometimes I am just suicidal when you reveal some of the shit we are faced with.

  2. debbie2:01 PM

    Can you imagine walking down the street, seeing a dog riding a skateboard, and the first thing you think is "Gotta go complain about this dog to the council".
    What a sad, sad person the complainer must be. I love terriers )

    A dog getting A ASBO. That takes the biscuit.

  3. Tonk.2:03 PM

    Bossy hi-viz clad jobsworths strike again.....Brighton do seem to be infested with lefties and enviroMENTALISTS.....I was a bit surprised when you decided to move there Ken;-)

  4. Lord of Atlantis3:24 PM

    In my opinion, the council is out of control! As for the jerk that complained about Bodhi, in my youth we had ways of dealing with tale tellers and snitches.

  5. Ken, I follows your blog daily, and were it not the fact you seem an honest kind of chap, I would swear you make most of this stuff up.
    Oh, hope the dog was wearing a helmet and a hi-vis vest.