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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Whipping Allowed

My commiserations to Carol Hill, who had been school Dinner Lady for 8 years at Great Tey Primary School in Essex until June 2009.

In June of that year she found Chloe David, a pupil at the school, tied to a chain link fence with rope burns on her wrists and whip marks on her legs. It seems she and four boys had been playing "prisoners and guards".

Chloe was sent home with a letter informing her parents that she has been injured in a "skipping rope incident", no mention was made of her having been tied up or whipped by other pupils.

Later that evening, Mrs Hill bumped into Chloe's parents and was surprised that they had not been told the full story, she then told them what she saw.

June 25, 2009: Mr David demanded to see a copy of the school's official report on the incident, this alerted Deborah Crabb, the headmistress, to the fact that he was informed by Mrs Hill.

Factoid: Both of mr and Mrs David's children have been removed from the school.

July 2009 Mrs Crabb suspended Mrs Hill for breaching pupil confidentiality.

September 2009: Mrs Hill is sacked for gross misconduct by a disciplinary hearing chaired by school governors (she had by then spoken to a local paper).

November 2009: Mrs Hill appealed to a panel of three school governors and representatives Essex County Council, but her dismissal was upheld (on the grounds that she had spoken to a local paper).

Factoid: The parent of one of the boys involved was a governor of the school at this time.

January 6, 2011: The employment tribunal ruled that Mrs Hill was unfairly dismissed, because the school did not conduct a reasonable investigation into the charges against her and the disciplinary and appeal hearings were unfair.

February 2, 2011: The tribunal met again, they ruled that she would have been sacked in any case for going public with the story, and that she was therefore not entitled to compensation.

After discussions between lawyers for the two sides, Essex County Council has agreed to pay Mrs Hill a severance package of £351.82 (just over £300 in back pay and £49.99 in "compensation").

Comments anyone?

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  1. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells11:25 AM

    In my 1950s junior(primary)school days dinner ladies like Mrs Hill would have been deemed to be doing her job and congratulated. The pupils concerned would have been severely punished and possibly expelled. Seems that 60 years later in our politically correct, 'Elf'n'safety obsessed times that it's the pupils who crack the whip in modern schools, not the staff.

    No wonder we have raised a generation of feral brats who can steal, vandalise others' property, beat up old ladies for their pensions and so on, in full knowledge the law is on their side.

  2. Three Hundred And Fifty Quid??????

    I won't risk offending other readers by repeating what else I just said...

  3. I am sure Nanny and her chums make up confidentiality rules as they go on. It seems to me, the only offence(sic) committed by the dinner lady, was exposing the truth to daylight; something Nanny hates and fears.
    This shows exactly why so many people in this country are now too fearful to say what they think about a whole range of things.
    George Orwell's thought police are alive and well and running our country, mostly dressed in hi-viz.

  4. Lord of Atlantis3:04 PM

    Disgusted Tunbridge Wells: I couldn't agree with you more! I am from the same generation as yourself, and if I or any of my classmates had indulged in this sort of thing, we would have very soon become intimately acquainted with the headmaster's cane, at the very least!

    Ken, you asked, "Comments anyone?" Plenty, Ken, mostly containing words of, er, 'Anglo-Saxon origin'! I am utterly appalled at the way Carol Hill was treated by the jobsworths ruining, er sorry, running 'education' in that area. She should have been rewarded, not punished. What kind of twisted minds do some of these jerks have? I also have two objections to the outcome: the compensation should have been higher (let's face it, libel damages to celebrities are often astronomical in comparison) and those who were responsible for the appalling treatment of this dinner lady should have been required to foot the bill, including all costs involved, out of their own pockets. As it is, I have no doubt it will be the tax payers of Essex who will have that

  5. Bash Street School Pupil3:07 PM

    we dont need no educashun
    we dont need no thought control

  6. Archroy6:45 PM