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Monday, August 01, 2011

Prats Of The Week - Canterbury Council

Prats of The WeekOooh err Missus, tis a Monday morning and time for another "Prats of The Week" Award.

This week the award goes to Canterbury Council.

For why?

Just ask Kenneth Lightfoot, a street magician.

Mr Lightfoot was entertaining an audience of more than 100 in Canterbury, with a trick which involves ‘magically hurling’ a playing card onto a nearby roof.

No, the council didn't arrest him for not having a licence or insurance policy to entertain the crowd.

Can you guess what they did complain about though?

Yes, that's right, a "Street Scene Inspector" - SS Inspector (a what??) told Mr Lightfoot that if the playing card (which landed on the roof of a building) fell to the ground he would be fined on the spot for littering.

The audience told the SS Inspector to get a life, sadly the SS Inspector chose to ignore them.

Mr Lightfoot gave up and stopped performing.

Canterbury Council, well deserving Prats of The Week!

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  1. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells11:09 AM

    Assuming a playing card can be described as litter, surely if it fell to the ground then all Mr. Lightfoot had to do was pick it up? In my day if a copper saw someone drop litter all that happened was "oi, pick that up and put it in a bin".

    Of course the SS Gauleiter sees the dropping of any litter as an excuse for earning himself some commission and the tin pot corporatised Town Hall some extra revenue towards jollies and gold-plated pensions.


    Where do they find all these money-grubbing jobsworths? Do they grow them in vats of nuclear waste?

  2. Sadly the council also backed the SS Officer.

    I suspect the real "crime" was that people were enjoying the show; a show that had not been provided by the Nanny.

    Remember.....We're the state, do as you're toold or we'll 'ave you!!!

  3. I'm glad to see that the public (verbally) tackled the jobsworth. One would hope this practice becomes the norm, but that they will continue hurling insults, abuse, and questions regarding said idiots parentage, until he or she realises what low life scum they really are.

    W/V "binim" - how appropriate!

  4. David J Hilton11:11 PM

    Anyone get this sad twat's name?

  5. Lord of Atlantis2:35 PM

    The trouble is that the type of people that become S.S officers er, street scene inspectors, can't bear to see others enjoying themselves. It also tells us a lot about those running the council that they backed up the
    @%£@**!! jobsworth. No doubt they feel that compelling Mr Lightfoot to give up performing is a job well done. A pity that the audience didn't run the S.S.I out of town, although, if they had done, no doubt the old bill would have rushed en masse to protect him / her.

  6. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Ridiculous!! What is this country coming to? To top it all the council backed the SS Officer up. Canterbury Council must be run by complete morons.