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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Nanny Bans Parents II - Isambard Community School Withdraws Policy

My thanks to a loyal reader who has sent me a link to a press release issued by the Isamabrd Community School, in response to the story about them requiring parents to be CRB checked if they wish to watch their kids play sports etc.

Apparently, it's all been a terrible misunderstanding over a "small story" (the school's phrase not mine)!

How did this "misunderstanding" come about?

It seems that the local paper was given "out-dated information regarding this issue".


In other words there was a CRB check requirement, but the school withdrew it either before the article went to press or just after the article was published.

Oh, and by the way, what the fark is "enrichment time" when it is at home?

Here is the press release in full from the school website:
"In light of the recent press coverage regarding CRB checks on parents wishing to watch their children play in sports fixtures we would like to issue the following statement:

Parents are more than welcome to attend to watch sports fixtures at Isambard Community School. 

However, there is no access to the sports pitches through the main school building. Parents are requested to use the Tadpole Lane entrance where there is ample parking. There have previously been issues with parents and other visitors arriving at the Isambard Way entrance and being annoyed to be asked to drive to Tadpole Lane. However, we are unable to allow visitors access through the school during the normal school day, which includes the enrichment time between 3:15pm and 6pm. We hope this clarifies the school’s position.

We are very disappointed that the Swindon Advertiser and other newspapers have made such a big issue out of this small story whilst ignoring the outstanding examinations results achieved in the summer (see here) and our contribution to the local community, for example, the annual Lantern Parade held in October (see below).

We apologise for the fact that the Advertiser were given out-dated information regarding this issue prior to the article going to press."
Methinks I smell a whiff of last term's pork pie here.

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  1. Enrichment time is basically after-school stuff. So clubs etc.

    1. In my day it was called "sports", "clubs", "school societies" or "CCF".

    2. gfhgfjhgfjhgf10:38 AM

      In my day it was called "run for the gate the minute the bell rang to get the hell out of the place as quickly as possible".

    3. Halcyon days!:)

      "The unseemly rush for the 3:50 from Tulse Hill"

    4. Anonymous11:56 AM

      In my day the only after school activity for me was detention.