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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Prats of The Week - WH Smith

Gadzooks, it is Tuesday already, time to award another of my prestigious and internationally renowned "Prats of The Week" Awards.

This week it goes to WH Smith for kowtowing to Animal Aid, and banning under 14s from buying magazines about hunting and shooting.

According to the "logic" postulated by Animal Aid, magazines such as Shooting Times are pro violence, and "corrode" young minds.

WH Smith of course continues to sell books and magazines about war, which they are happy enough to sell to kids. These being the same kids who will sit through hours of violence shown on TV news and soap operas.

The irony is if WH Smith follows Animal Aid's wishes to the letter, it will not only ban under 14s from buying the magazines but place them on the top shelf by the porn.

Now what sort of message does that send to a "young mind"?

Guns and porn, forbidden therefore very exciting!

Hardly a healthy message/combination is it?

WH Smith, well deserving Prats of The Week!

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  1. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Surely also Animal Aid (whoever they are) for coming up with this guff in the first place?

  2. Tonk.2:26 PM

    The lobby group that encouraged W H Smith to take this course of action stated that, because persons under fourteen cannot get a firearms certificate, then they should not be able to purchase shooting magazines. Therefore, taking this idea to it's logical conclusion, persons under seventeen should not be able to purchase motoring magazines, such as Top Gear or Custom Car nor perhaps, Auto Trader. Perhaps, children under sixteen years and nine months should be unable to purchase Baby and Maternity magazines given that children can't have sex until they're sixteen.......The whole thing is stupid and so typical on Nanny and her little helpers.

    The real irony is that, this week, W H Smith announced profits for the first time in a long time: £106m now this sort of PC clap trap cannot help them in keeping their profits up I wouldn't of thought given that, many people like myself, boycot Nanny's little helpers and for me, this type of rubbish puts W H Smith into that bracket.

  3. Anonymous6:06 PM

    I think that under 14 year olds should be encouraged to read anything at all, but how does anyone prove that they are 14?

    You can prove that you are older than 17 with a driving licence and over 18 with a credit card. Over 16’s will often have a student card, but how the fuck do you prove that you are 14?

    1. Anonymous9:30 PM

      Of course you can, every under 14 year old goes around with their birth certificate. Huh you didn't know that! WH Smith do.

  4. A well deserved award, Ken. The gun bloggers in the states had fun with this bit of asinine behavior.