Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, July 08, 2013

Danger! Danger! - In Honour of Tonk

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  1. Tonk.4:10 PM

    Thank you Ken, I am honoured indeed!

    The funny thing is, I always thought it was in black and white....Perhaps it was always in colour; sorry color, it's American after all.....Perhaps I used to just watch it on our black and white set:-)

    Isn't it funny how dated it all looks.....At the time, it looked so futuristic but now, it looks as dated as the original Star Trek....Isn't it funny how computer control screens etc didn't develop in the way everyone thought they would?

    1. Tonk.4:15 PM

      I have just looked it up.....The original series was in black and white and first shown in 1965/66,.....I assume that was when it was out in the States, so I suspect it was a year or so later when it was shown over here and that would coincide with pretty much when I stopped being interested in children's tv because I had, for all intents and purposes, grown out of it and was more interested in The Rolling Stones and females, but not necessarily in that order!......Oh happy days.

  2. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Oi Ken!
    I know this is off topic but it's vital, indeed of national importance that this issue is given an airing

    Trent Bridge have BANNED Billy the Trumpet from playing at the ashes!!!!They think it's not good for the spectators, some of whom have complained!!! Out-bloody-rageous