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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Dangers of Doormats

Oh dear I see that Nanny is having another hissy fit over doormats again. Loyal readers will recall that this issue has been featured on this site on a number of occasions, as Nanny gets it into her head that doormats present a health and safety hazard.

This time it is the residents of Brecon Court, in Gipton, Yorkshire who have incurred Nanny's displeasure over their outside doormats; seemingly the doormats are a "fire hazard".

The Telegraph reports that around 90% of the tenants are pensioners and, as such, are likely to have a doormat outside of their homes.

The residents received a letter about the doormat ban from Leeds East North East Homes, the local council's housing management organisation.Residents who decide not to remove their mats will be issued with a legal letter from Leeds City Council.

A spokesperson for East North East Homes Leeds said:
"The safety of our residents is our primary concern. 

Fire safety assessments have been taking place for some time. Rather than having a blanket policy of removing all items, we're discussing with residents where and how relevant items can be moved so they no longer pose a potential obstruction in case of an emergency. 

This approach means that items no longer cause a hazard and surroundings still look appealing. West Yorkshire Fire Service have been closely involved in the development of our approach. 

Unfortunately, in a very small number of cases where items could impede evacuation in case of a fire, residents have not discussed this with us or have refused to move the items. 

In these cases we have the legal powers to remove the items to ensure the safety of all our tenants."
Sigh, 'twas ever thus!

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  1. Another example of "The Nanny State" evolving into "The Bully State."

  2. Lord of Atlantis3:37 PM

    "In these cases we have the legal powers to remove the items to ensure the safety of all our tenants."

    An excuse to justify "The Thieving state" as well, Tonk!