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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Nanny Bans Sticks

I sometimes wonder if Nanny will one day cease to surprise me with her absurd risk averse advice and rulings.

The answer, thus far, is no she has not ceased to surprise me.

Today I read with some incredulity.....the exact phrase was "FFS!"...... that throwing sticks for your dog to chase is in fact a health and safety risk to dogs.

Robin Hargreaves, President elect of the British Veterinary Association, said owners risk causing 'horrendous problems’ to their pets.

I don't doubt that on occasions accidents with wooden sticks happen, but people have been throwing wooden sticks for their dogs to chase for centuries without the mass extinction of the dog population occurring.

Now, we are being told that dogs should only play with rubber sticks!

Mr Hargreaves is quoted by the Telegraph:
Never throw sticks for dogs.

It is a violent incident that causes real damage. We have some horrendous problems. Even if you do it now, never do it again.”
The most common injury occurs when a dog runs onto a stick in the ground, forcing it down their throat and cutting under the tongue or even tearing the gullet further back.
It is very painful.

Imagine ramming a toothbrush at the end of your mouth except it is spiky and sharp.

Every generation thinks throwing a stick to a dog is the best thing. It never seems to get into national psyche it is a bad thing to do. Use a ball, rubber bones or soft toys.” 
I am a pussy lover myself, but am aware that dogs are exposed to all manner of risks, aside from wooden sticks, they are more than happy to chew slippers and other shit that can hardly be considering to be healthy.

What should a dog (or cat) owner do, remove all forms of stimulation so that the dog (cat) doesn't injure itself?

I know that we do that for our kids these days, but surely the dogs (and cats) can be left to enjoy their lives as nature intended?

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  1. "I am a pussy lover myself"

    Too much information, Ken!

    How long before the first "littering" prosecution for throwing a rubber stick? - They clearly aren't biodegradable, and must pose a considerable environmental hazard...

  2. Tonk.4:24 PM

    FFS indeed Ken!

  3. I am wondering how long it will take for the powers that be to point out that "I'm a pussy lover" could be misconstrued: either way! LOL.