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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nanny Bans High Five

My sympathies to Roger Green, a lollipop man who works outside Sandy Lane Primary School in Bracknell, who has been banned by Nanny's chums from Bracknell Forest Borough Council from "high-fiving" the kids as they cross the road.

For why?

Health and safety!

Bracknell Forest Borough Council are quoted by The Sun:
Children stopping as they cross the road for a ‘high-five’ puts them and the patrolman at risk and confuses drivers.

Parents wouldn’t thank us if we let this continue.”
An overreaction methinks.

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  1. Ahhh....The People's Republic of Bracknell.

    This council are currently regenerating their town centre and have ridden roughshod over the traders and people of the borough. It seems that only the vision of the regeneration partnership is the acceptable vision and the residents of the town will have what they're given, and like it.

    Bracknell have some of the most restrictive and draconian bin policies of any Conservative council in the south.

    Bracknell is the next town from Wokingham where I live. In time, I suspect Bracknell, Binfield, Wokingham and Reading will combine to form an urban spill known a greater Reading. Our beloved councils have many "joint services" now even though, they all back getting rid of Berkshire County Council and forming unitary councils. Levels of Rip Off Tax in Wokingham and Bracknell are extortinate.
    Incidently, if I write a letter to Wokingham Council and address it FTAO the Rip Off Department, it always gets to the Council Tax Department:-)

  2. "Parents wouldn’t thank us if we let this continue"

    Do you suppose they bothered to ask any parents? - Classic example of making decisions on other people's behalf.