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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bishop's Castle Bell Enditis

Loyal readers, with good memories not addled by booze, age or illicit substances, may recall that on occasions I have written about towns and villages where the complaints of a minority (usually one newcomer) cause the silencing of church/clock bells (eg Wrington and Kendal).

I see yet another case of "bell enditis" has hit the headlines, this time in Bishop's Castle.

Seemingly Henry Hunter, the owner of the Castle Hotel in Bishop's Castle, was fed up with the town's 18th century clock chiming every 15 minutes as it kept his guests awake; he made an official request to have it chime less frequently during the night.

Unsurprisingly, given that the clock has been there since the 18th century, his request provoked uproar (according to the BBC) on the town council's Facebook page although it looks reasonably tame to my tired old eyes.

That being said, I am pleased to see that common sense has prevailed and it was announced at a meeting of town councillors this week that the request has been withdrawn.

Shirley Gould, who moved to Bishop’s Castle from Glasgow 22 years ago, attended the meeting and is quoted by the Shropshire Star:
The visitors and tourists still keep coming and going. Some complain about it, or about the cocks crowing, or the cows mooing, or the church bells ringing.  And then they go.

But still the clock keeps chiming on the quarter hour.  And long may it continue.
Well said!

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