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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Nanny Hates Social Media

Aside from wanting to stop us looking at boobies etc on the net, Nanny has a real dislike of social media (such as Twitter and Facebook) in general.

For why?

Just as when the printing press was invented, governments don't like it when people find ways to communicate with each other and criticise government policy etc. Thus social media, which abounds with criticism of government policy, is a particular anathema to Nanny.

She disguises her real reason for hating it by playing the "won't someone think of the children?" card; Nanny claims that children are misusing social media sites, and as such the sites should be regulated.

The solution to the "misuse" by teenagers etc of social media sites is not to regulate it to death, but to educate children as to the risks and consequences of sharing their entire life with strangers (in much the same way as I was warned as a kid not to accept sweets from strangers etc).

Additionally, parents may actually care to take an "interest" in their childrens' upbringing and possibly not give them mobile phones with cameras until they are sure that their kids understand the risks of posting photos etc.

This is not an area that should be regulated in a heavy handed manner by Nanny, who is intent on controlling what we say about her (cue Vietnam's recent ban on anything being posted on the internet other than "personal information").

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