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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Global Warming Killed The Mammoth

I am gemused to see that according to scientific research two periods of global warming, one being 120,000 years ago and the other 30,000 years ago, caused the extinction of the woolly mammoth.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but human beings were not driving cars or emitting greenhouse gasses (to any great extent) at those times.


Humans do not cause periods of global warming, the planet does it all by itself with a little help from the sun and other non human factors.

As a species we need to remember that we are not the centre of the universe, and not the be all and end all of natural events!

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  1. Lord of Atlantis11:45 AM

    That is sacrilege and heresy, Ken! When the Inquisition find out about this, you'll have to be "re-educated" and then burnt at the stake as a warning to others!

  2. The new false religion of climate change is about establishing a world government. The former French President Chirac said as much a couple of years ago.

    What I find more interesting, is that it appears the left are keen supporters of the new religion, whereas the right are less convinced. This same pattern is evident in relation to the EUSSR; the left love it and want more of it, the right hate it and want out of it.

    Mankind has survived and evolved through adapting to change; I am sure we would be better off to spend money adapting to any changes in climate that may occur, rather than throwing money at preventing it(sic) in a very Cunute style delusion as we now have.

    I feel it is yet another example where our government has paid far too much attention to single issue, shouty groups.

    When was climate fixed?
    Why do we see similar polar ice cap variations on Mars to our own on Earth?
    There are far too many unanswered questions in relation to climatic changes for people to make or take the right actions. We are not helped in this aim, by the state's broadcaster's continual support of the leftist agenda in relation to MMCC.

  3. Sorry LoA - "Burning at the stake" has been outlawed, due to clean air regulations...

  4. Good point microdave.

    I doubt that I classify as "clean" burning anyway:)

  5. I also feel that the one thing that isn't mentioned in relation to the new false religion is population growth.
    Humans produce the plant food, which is CO2 when they breath, so if CO2 is such a problem, why do the powers to be allow people to keep breeding?

    The Earth has limited resources so it does make sense to recycle and to conserve energy but, let's do it for the right reasons.

    We are told that we have water shortages and yet human beings are made of 70% water so, in my opinion, it follows that if we greatly increase the population, so more and more water is locked up in people. We are told we have too little food globally to go around and yet, we still keep multiplying world population. All these new people need places to live, so we cut down more trees, the very thing that converts CO2 to oxygen!
    The new false religion appears to be about power and control and not concern for the planet and our enviroment.

    The population of the UK needs cutting in half to be sustainable and for us to be able to feed and support ourselves.

  6. And let's not forget all the tithes and offerings in the form of carbon taxes this new false religion brings in. Ker Ching!

  7. Oh, and I especially love the constant hectoring by it's disciples.! Good times!

    1. Tonk.1:11 PM

      And the religious icons that have appeared on so many of our nation's hills.....The rotating crosses:-)