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Friday, September 13, 2013

The "Tragedy" of Hungry Kids

Sharon Hodgson MP tweeted this today:
"Pupils being held back by hunger - tragic findings make Gove's comments this week look even more out of touch."
Wondering how many pupils have died as a result of starvation (given her use of the word "tragic"), I clicked on the link which took me to a Guardian article about a survey commissioned by Kelloggs that seemingly identified that some school kids arrive at classes in the morning hungry.

It claims that 2.4 pupils in each class turn up for school at least once a week without having had breakfast, so are unable to concentrate.

The unsurprising "solution" proposed by Kelloggs (a manufacturer of breakfast cereals) was for there to be more breakfast clubs.


1 Nanny has been berating us for being overweight and for eating too much.

2 Cereals generally are loaded with sugar and other crapola, none of which are good for kids.

3 Missing a breakfast is not a tragedy, I rarely had breakfast before a schoolday and look what happened to me.

4 Kids are always hungry.

5 It is the role of the parents, not the state, to feed their offspring.

6 Ask a poverty stricken child (or his/her parents) in Africa what real hunger means and feels like!

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  1. I agree Ken!

    This is nice advertising for a breakfast cereal manufacturer.....It is the kind of publicity money cannot buy.

    Parents need to take responsibility for their own children, not the state, in fact, Nanny needs to butt out of everybody's lives, no matter what their age. If Nanny makes everyone's decisions for them and makes everyone a uniform citizen, then Nanny creates a nation of Borg or Sheeple, just as we have now. As we, the older generation who were lucky enough to have lived pre Nanny die out, so the nation changes and we become a nation of scaredy cat, non thinking, souless, humourless, non confident robots and that, in my opinion, helps no one....

    When we shout shit, that's when Nanny should ask what we want:-)

  2. Tonk

    You have missed one significant factor. Everything is now someone else's fault. Whatever the problem, it is someone else's responsibility to sort it out. We are now, apparently absolved from any responsibility for anything: procreation (despite the progress in the 1960's and up to much more recently) with birth control; childcare, that is, spending time with our very young children before they set foot in a nursery, let alone a primary school, so that they have at least basic skills in communication, socialising, ability to speak coherently (not necessarily the same as "communication" but, in the light of some parents that I have come across, I sometimes wonder), and the ability to be civil to others, of their own age up to adults. Then later, parent(s) should be making homework happen, even if not able to provide useful assistance. Above all,it is necessary to set out guidelines, if not "red lines" (deeply unfashionable at this time) as to what is and what is not acceptable, both within the home and elsewhere, and to impart an understanding that the same rules apply everywhere.

    I blame the socialist governments and education policies of the 1960's and 1970's, when all of this was discarded in favour of "chid-centred" "equality", as a result of which we ended up with two generations of parents who had no guidelines of their own, let alone anything to pass on to successive generations. I hope that the NUT and NASUWT and their predecessors are proud of themselves. Also the doctrinaire education "expert" ministers of the Labour party of the time.