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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Which magazines and papers objectify women?

The so called "lads'" mags such as "Nuts" which have been banned by certain shops because they show women in "sexist" poses, or "mainstream magazines and papers" (that campaign against "lads's mags") that deride female celebrities when they put on weight, show signs of ageing or have the "temerity" to appear in public without make up?

Views and comments welcome.

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  1. If I buy a copy of "Nuts" I expect to see gorgeous young women in sexy poses - that's what it's printed for. The likes of Keeley Hazell & Lucy Pinder choose to appear in it, and make a nice living out of doing so. Ms Pinder was "discovered" on Bournemouth beach, and could just as easily have told the photographer to piss off, but she didn't, and went on to spend 7 years in front of the lens. Forgive me if I ignore feminist complaints about "Objectifying" women.

    Conversely The Mail (and others), make great play out of showing women of all ages looking good, bad and anywhere in between. As you say the merest hint of wrinkles or droopy boobs will get seized on, and become the topic of discussion. And the hypocrisy of featuring articles about the dangers of eating disorders, yet having pages of stick thin models parading "fashion" in the Sunday supplements beggars belief...

  2. Tonk.7:13 PM

    If there wasn't a market for these mags and others, they would go out of business. Many people read many magazines that I'd not wipe my arse on however, whilst they're legal people can read what they want.
    As you say MicroDave, many women make a very good living out of modelling and if I were a good looking woman, rather than the ugly old git that I am, I too would pose for the kinds of figures these models earn.

  3. Lord of Atlantis11:00 AM

    Instead of getting their knickers in a twist over these magazines, many of which come into the category you describe in your first paragraph, Tonk, Nanny and her trolls should be dealing with serious issues, such as those, such as partners, boyfriends and families who use their wives, girlfriends and daughters as punchbags. Of course, this alsao applies the other way round, as there are, sadly, cases where the man is the victim, despite the feminists refusal to accept this.