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Monday, September 02, 2013

Brighton Council Ties Itself In Knots Over Health and Safety

I am gemused to see that Brighton council has managed to get itself into a right old mess wrt granting some travellers access to the Wild Park in Brighton.

The park has a padlocked entrance and artificial mounds etc, in order to prevent unauthorised access and encampments. However, because a group of travellers arrived the other week and started driving over the pavements and mounds the council decided to open the gates in order to reduce the health and safety risk.

The result being that the council must now go through the courts for a possession order to evict the travellers, which will take days and potentially cost the taxpayer thousands of pounds.

To reduce the risk to everyone, confidential emails seen by The Argus confirm that officials at Brighton and Hove City Council decided to open the locked gate. Police officers have said the decision meant powers to legally evict the group straight away had disappeared.

A confidential email sent by the local authority to councillors said:
After the initial trespass was reported, Sussex Police highlighted the dangerous nature with which the group were accessing the field, as the main access gate was locked following previous enforcement action. 

As such a decision was taken to open the access gate in order to reduce the risk to road users and to stop the occupants from crossing the pavement to access the road.”
So there you go folks, if you deliberately and knowingly put yourself at risk the council will do what it can to save you even if your actions are illegal.

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  1. Archroy2:35 PM

    Is it 'cos they're Green?

  2. Tonk.3:11 PM

    Only a council would do such a thing!

    Ken, time to remove the locks from your windows and doors and leave them open; just in case Johnny Burglar injures himself trying to break in.

    When I was young, being green meant you were a little nieve, wet behind the ears, just out of short trousers etc.....Regarding The People's Green Republic of Brighton, it seems nothing has changed! I'm glad I don't have to pay my rip off tax to them like you do!