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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Prat of The Week - Councillor Ben Duncan

Oh dear I see another example of "pillockery" and "prattery" has emanated from Brighton council or rather, to be more precise, from a Brighton councillor.

Step forward Green councillor Ben Duncan who has suggested that Brighton council “boycott” a city taxi firm (City Cabs).

For why?

City Cabs has had the "temerity" to publicly criticise (via two adverts) council proposals for a city wide 20mph speed limit, calling the limit a "declaration of war on motorists".

A second advert published in The Argus said:
Driving around Brighton and Hove is tough enough. We don’t want it to become any harder.

On Twitter Duncan said:
Wondering if we’ll have to start urging official BHCC boycott of City Cars (sic) after they declare war on council 20mph speed limits.”
Some delegates at the Green Party Conference were quick to support the idea, with one tweeting: Duncan now says that said he “strongly disagreed” with a boycott implying that City Cabs were of "subnormal intelligence"!:
 “I think a boycott at this point would be disproportionate – and it’s important that we know all the facts first. 

I can see why a child or someone with subnormal intelligence might assume I was calling for a boycott now but they’d be wrong. 

The problem is that this ad was based on untruths. It suggested that the 20mph limit was a war on motorists, when in fact it is about enforced peace.”
WTF is "enforced peace"?

Is he suggesting the UN send troops to Brighton?

Ben Duncan, well deserving Prat of The Week!

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  1. Speenzman2:16 PM

    "Enforced peace", these tossers don't even care whether they sound Orwellian or not anymore. Tune in next week for re-education centres.

  2. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I don't get the bit in The Argus about the councillors claiming it's partially about improving air quality. Surely it will make the situation worse. I won't get a 50% increase in fuel efficiency from the lower speed. In fact fuel efficiency is likely to decrease. It's also going to take me 50% longer to get where I'm going, so all told there is going to be an increase in pollution. Planks.

  3. Toy Trumpet6:16 PM

    As someone who has repeatedly protested proposed reductions in speed limits with my local council, this is standard tactics.

    The only thing I am surprised about is how few people protest. Most of the Sheeple just take it.

    1. Tonk.7:12 PM

      Yes, you're right......As a nation, we have lost that Bull Dog spirit and just accept anything, any hi-viz clad pillock tells us. The state uses oppressive laws to silence us and to keep us compliant and all we do is Skippy impressions. (tut tut tut)

      People need to stop worrying about political correctness and start saying what they mean and meaning what they say.

  4. Lord of Atlantis3:52 PM

    Spot on, Tonk! Political correctness and elf'n'safety have ruined this country and most people don't have the sense to realise this, or the bottle to speak out against the jobsworths responsible.