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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, October 23, 2015

Knobheads of The Year - The WHO

In a display of utter fuckwittery and knobheadedness, the World Health Organisation is planning to declare that bacon, sausages and other processed meat cause bowel cancer.

Red meat is also expected to be listed as being “probably carcinogenic to humans”.

The announcements were expected to be made on Monday; with processed meat put in the same category as cigarettes, alcohol and asbestos.


On the assumption you have a varied diet eg, vegetables, meat, fibre etc your bowels will remain in good nick.

The WHO are knobheads!

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  1. It is confirmed by other experts, that the WHO are knobheads!

  2. Lord of Atlantis3:21 PM

    I'll wager that there are no shortage of candidates for this award!

  3. would anyone like a list?

  4. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Dear Mr Frost

    So the WHO have declared stuff we've been eating for centuries as being weapons grade carcinogens, even while lifespans have been increasing at an astounding rate? Wealth Hating Onanists, the lot of them.