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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Nanny Hates Fags - Smoking In Cars With Kids Banned

Today is the day that Nanny's daft and unenforceable law, banning banning smoking in vehicles carrying kids, has come into force in England and Wales. 

In theory drivers and passengers who break the law could face a penalty fine of £50.

Whenever an under-18 is in the car, smokers will be liable even if the windows are down or sunroof open.

However, the law will not apply to people who are driving in a convertible which has the roof down.

In Scotland you are still able, thusfar, to smoke like a chimney in your car with kids.

Suffice to say this law is daft on so many fronts, not least the enforceability aspect; given that the police can't even manage to do their normal duties of catching criminals.

The BBC quotes Steve White, chairman of the Police Federation, who said it would be "extremely challenging" to enforce the ban.
"The reality of the situation is we are struggling to attend burglaries. 

Should we be focusing on people smoking in cars with children in the cars or should we be focusing on burglaries?"
Mick Creedon, chief constable of Derbyshire Police, said:
"Mobiles, drink driving, speeding, no seatbelts - we know these contribute to fatalities on the road. 

Smoking in a car doesn't bring the same danger on the roads. It's a public health issue."
Yet another law introduced by Nanny that will be ignored by both the public and the police!

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7:12 PM

    I really hope it is ignored on the principle of disobedience of bad law but are smokers going to be a soft option when they're a bit short on their targets?